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Can you defeat the evil forces and restore order to Cashalot? Try out Castle Cashalot for yourself at Gala Bingo, and regain your crown!

A fantasy-themed medieval adventure awaits you with this five-reel, 25-payline online slot game – slay the dragon and win the heart of the fair maiden as you embark upon a quest to find the mystical sword, Excalibur.

All the danger and mystique of such an adventure is reflected in the smooth animation, exciting graphics and striking sound effects of the game – keep an eye for symbols such as the golden chalice; a valuable artefact worth more than a few coins if you recover three or more of them per spin.

There's also an image of the fair maiden herself; her majestic beauty has to be seen to be believed. Also watch out for the good prince and the wizard; their quest depends on you – though they too are worth spot prizes if they appear on active paylines.

Of course, the treasure you seek is the mighty sword of Excalibur; and if you lay eyes upon it during your journey, you could find yourself in the Bonus Round trying to retrieve it from the stone! Do so and your quest is complete, bringing untold fortunes to you, as well as a sense of peace to the land of Cashalot.

So if the thrill of a quest is too much for you to pass up, and if you feel bold enough to take on the mightiest foe, why not play Castle Cashalot at today; go forth, good sirs and madams!