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Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a prospector? Or maybe just love that old American sense of adventure? Either way, here's hoping you strike lucky with the fun Gold Mine online slots game at Gala Bingo!

This easy to play, fun-packed game transports you back to the old West, with a simple task that you must complete in order to score some great prizes – find the gold that's hidden somewhere deep within the mine shafts and make your way back with the treasure!

Bright, colourful graphics and a simple-to-use interface make this an ideal game for those players who are new to online slots, but it's also great for more experienced and higher stakes players thanks to the progressive jackpot. Simply select that you'd like to play the progressive jackpot and you'll see that pile of gold get bigger and bigger – will you be the one who takes home the treasure?

Aside from the regular gameplay of Gold Mine online slots, keep your eyes peeled for the symbols that can trigger some great bonus features: the mining cart and pickaxe icons. The exciting bonus rounds give you the opportunity to score some fantastic prizes, including multipliers and free spins, giving you even more chances to win and gather up your gold.

With such easy to use gameplay, smooth animations and a cute, gold mining theme, the Gold Mine online slots game at Gala Bingo is a must-play – much easier than sifting through river mud! Make sure you give it a go today.