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Your intrepid guide for this trip into the deepest heart of the jungle is Gala Bingo – can you reach the jackpot?

Jungle Madness is a five-reel, 20-line slot with the option for progressive jackpot play. All the wonder and mystery of jungle exploration is brought to life through the slick animation and great graphics provided – even the odd bird call!

Make your way deep into the jungle with every spin of the reels, encountering inhabitants like the curious Tree Frog, the playful Monkey and the watchful Toucan. Choose what stake you'd like to place before you spin; bonuses and pay-outs vary depending on how much you wish to bet per turn and on how many lines.

Watch out for the Snake symbols cropping up within the game; three or more of these on your reels means you could be playing for as many as 15 free spins thanks to these slippery creatures.

Another animal to be on the lookout for is the Tiger symbol; just like his real-life equivalent, he's Wild – and can help to create winning combinations on selected lines on which it appears. If you match five Tigers on selected lines, you'll be on for a hefty share of the Jungle Madness Progressive Jackpot!

That's not to mention our human inhabitant of the jungle; watch out for Tarzan! Hit the Jungle Man Bonus and you'll be able to help him choose which vine he should swing to; choose correctly and he'll swing his way across the swamp for a big prize – or else he'll fall in!

With all the excitement to be had in the jungle, you won't want to get out of here! Play Jungle Madness now at GalaBingo.com!