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Feeling lucky, ladies? Play Lucky Ladies 88, now available from Gala Bingo!

This 5-reel, 9-payline game is a slot game designed with fans of traditional bingo games in mind. It's ideal for those who want to take a quick break from looking and listening out for their numbers being called, to try something a little more quirky.

Play Lucky Ladies 88 and you'll be greeted by symbols which represent typical bingo calls in the halls: a pair of legs, 11 (wolf-whistles!) two little ducks, 22 (quack quack) - and of course, two fat ladies for 88!

If a bingo machine appears on the first reel, in one of your selected pay-lines, get ready for another round of bingo! This fun bonus game is designed for players to win more pay-outs by getting a line or a full house from the 20 number game, as the numbers are drawn from the traditional tombola cage. It's a wonderful touch for players more accustomed to a game of bingo than they are slots; acting as a lively and fun bridge between the two types of game.

There's also a big chance to win a progressive jackpot – an amount that goes up every time the game is played! If you can spin five of the Bingo Girls symbols into view, you'll scoop the jackpot!

So for those who want to combine the best in slot game action with all the fun of a trip to the local bingo hall, try a game of Lucky Ladies 88 today – the slots game with a bingo bonus, courtesy of