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Gala Bingo brings you the aquatic adventure of a lifetime!

Lead an expedition to the bottom of the ocean and see just what treasures and mysteries await with this five-reel and five-pay-line slot game - it's an experience that's sure to thrill both novice divers and intrepid explorers alike.

Be one with the sea as you navigate the deepest waters of the ocean, swimming with symbols such as clown fish, sea horses and whales too. The beautiful graphics of these majestic creatures are boosted even more by the game's amazing sound effects – where the ambience of the underwater world is personified in its smooth silky soundtrack.

One symbol to keep an eye out for is the friendly dolphin – by matching five of these helpful mammals you could win as much as 7,500 coins! Matching five of creatures like the sea turtle and the scary jellyfish will also result in big pay-outs.

However, we all know what's really hidden at the bottom of the sea – the treasure chest. Find five of these and you'll instantly strike gold! The progressive jackpot is up for grabs, ready to be claimed by the boldest adventurer – and the value stacks up each time the game is played. Will you be the one to find the secret of the deep?

Play Marine Mayhem Mini now at, and you could be the one who unlocks the mysteries of the marine kingdom!