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The game is a five-reel slot machine with a bonus feature to multiply your winnings plus the chance to win an amazing jackpot!

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Game Type

When you start the game you will have to indicate the amount of money that you wish to take in the game. Select the amount using the arrow buttons and click on BUY IN.

You can set the number of lines (LINES) and the number of coins on each line (LINE BET) by using the corresponding plus (+) and minus (-) arrow buttons, however, you will not be able to choose exactly which line you wish to bet on.
It is not necessary to bet on all lines.

The following buttons are also available within the game:

Bet Max: to bet the maximum (5 coins) on each payline. If you have fewer than 100 credits, Bet Max is not enabled.

Play: to spin the reels.

Options: customise the graphics quality of the game and switch the audio on and off.

All your game details will show in the following display fields:

Balance: shows your balance depending on the amount you chose to take into the game.

Stake: shows the value of your coins. If you wish to change the value of your coins, you may click on Stake and choose a different value.

Paid: shows the amount won in the spin.

Bet: shows the coins bet in the previous and current spin.

The navigation bar
Within the STAKE drop-down menu you will be able to see all the winning combinations of symbols (PAYOUT TABLE) and change the value of your coins (STAKE).

Should you run out of funds, from the top navigation bar, within the CASHIER drop-down menu you will be able to take more money into the game (ADD MONEY) or transfer funds from the other gaming platforms (TRANSFER MONEY).

From the HISTORY drop-down menu you will be able to access the list of all your previous bets and transactions.

Please note: The CASHIER and HISTORY menus will only be available if you are logged in.

To win the jackpot you need to get 5 MegaJackpots symbols on the centre line in a spin in which you have played the maximum (5 coins on each one of the 20 lines - 100 coins in total).

If you get 5 MegaJackpots symbols on an active payline other than the centre payline at max bet, then you earn the award for a 5 MegaJackpots symbol win as shown in the paytable.

The MegaJackpots icon can substitute any icon apart from the Mystery icon.
One or more MegaJackpot symbols completing a winning line doubles the award, except when the line win consists of only MegaJackpot symbols.
The odds of winning the MegaJackpots award are exactly proportional to the maximum bet amount.

For example, a player betting max at a 0.20 denomination has twice the chance of winning the MegaJackpots award as a player betting max at a 0.10 denomination. However, the expected return to player is exactly the same for both players.

The jackpot can be won from within any bonus free spin if that bonus was triggered while playing the maximum coins.

Please note: The MegaJackpots® award is different from the progressive Jackpot linked to other games offered on The following specific rules apply to MegaJackpots® award payout:

  1. In case of a MegaJackpots® win WagerWorks will, provided all these terms and conditions have been observed,  pay or procure the payment of the prize money to you.  "MegaJackpots®" means the highest available payoff in a MegaJackpots® Game
  2. When you win the MegaJackpots® award, a message appears notifying you that customer service will contact you within 24 hours with details of your MegaJackpots® payout. The award verification may take up to 72 hours, and the win will not be reflected in your account balance. You may continue to play or use gamble feature. It will not affect your MegaJackpots® award. The MegaJackpots® award cannot be gambled
  3. The amount paid after verification will be approximately the amount shown within the game when the win occurred. Variations in the amount may be due to display delays
  4. The MegaJackpots® award is shown in currency, unlike the winnings that are shown in coins
  5. Winnings cannot be transferred, substituted, or redeemed for any other prize
  6. The MegaJackpots® amount initially offered after a MegaJackpots® award is won is set at our sole discretion. We may increase or decrease the size of the jackpot award by contributing or removing money at any time
  7. The MegaJackpots® award is paid in equal instalments. The first instalment will be paid upon validation of the win. The balance will be paid in 19 annual instalments
  8. The MegaJackpots® amount represents an increasing award where the rate of growth is determined and adjusted by the MegaJackpots® administrator based on business rules
  9. If two players simultaneously win the MegaJackpots® award, our systems server shall determine which one of the players is to receive the prize money. The other player shall be entitled to the MegaJackpots® re-seed amount
  10. MegaJackpots® is a trademark or registered trademark of IGT in the U.S. and/or elsewhere and is used by WagerWorks, with permission
  11. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in each Game (including without limitation photographs and graphical images) are owned by WagerWorks
  12. Wagers are only valid if accepted by WagerWorks' server.  Until acceptance of the wager by WagerWorks' server all information displayed relating to a Game constitutes an invitation to play only
  13. You agree that WagerWorks' records shall be the final authority in determining the validity and terms of any wagers you place and the circumstances in which they were made
  14. When you play a Game you agree to forfeit your wager and any winnings if you leave the Game "in progress" for a period of 90 days or more.  For example, in a slot game, if you access the bonus round but you do not play out the bonus round within 90 days from the day on which you have made the wager you will loose both that wager and any winnings that you may have otherwise been entitled to.  In order to avoid this situation occurring you should follow the procedures set out in the Game Rules
  15. In the event that you win MegaJackpots®:
  • When you play a MegaJackpots® Game you authorise WagerWorks, in the event that you win MegaJackpots®, to publicise your name, town, county, state and/or country of residence together with the fact that you have won MegaJackpots®.

The Gamble Button
After any award of less than 3000 coins, you have the opportunity to double your winnings or lose them all.

After a winning spin, you can click on the GAMBLE button and a deck of cards which contains an equal number of red and black aces will appear. Click RED or BLACK to guess which colour ace will appear next. If the colour you predicted is revealed, then your gambled money is doubled! If the other colour is revealed, then yourGamble bet is lost.

If you predicted the right colour, you can click on TAKE HALF to deposit half of your winnings back into your main balance, leaving the other half available for further gambling. You can click on TAKE HALF once before clicking on GAMBLE.

Click on TAKE WIN to collect all of your winnings and end the Gamble game.

If you have won 5 times in a row within the same Gamble game, or if your award reaches 3000 or higher, yourGamble game will automatically end.

The history of the last fourteen outcomes (red, black) is also provided.