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Rubik's Slot is based on the popular Rubik's® Cube Puzzle and features 18 paylines, six on each of the three faces of the cube in play.

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Game Type

  • BET amount can be changed by using the Stake Up and Stake Down buttons
  • PLAY begins with all 18 lines in play for the selected stake
  • Winning combinations are three of the same coloured squares on a horizontal or vertical line on a face or a completed face with all nine squares the same colour
  • Three squares of the same colour in a straight line (not diagonal) on the same face counts as one line
  • If all nine squares on a face are of the same colour, an additional Face Payout is awarded
  • Any winning lines are highlighted on the paytable and your winnings credited to your account balance
  • Jackpot payout of 5,000 times your stake is paid when all three faces are completed with 9 of the same coloured squares on each face
  • Payouts are displayed on screen in the LINE PAYOUTS and FACE PAYOUTS
  • Payout amounts are relative to the amount staked and the total return is shown in the currency played
  • The colours of the squares are: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow. There is no colour that is worth more than another colour
  • The maximum win on this game is capped at £250,000

The Free Plays bonus round is triggered when all six letters of the Rubik's logo are lit up. The amount of logo letters lit per spin is determined at random and varies from 0 to 6. Once you have gained entry to the bonus round, the player has to select one of the 27 squares that are on the cube.

By clicking on a square this peels off the sticker to reveal a prize of either Free Plays or additional cubes. Extra cubes means that the player has more chance to win and these will also be shown by the extra columns in the ‘Line Payouts' and ‘Face Payouts' tables.

The player will get to pick a random number of different squares until they reveal ‘Start' which will begin the Free Plays.

Free Plays
Free Plays will each play out automatically and will be for the same stake that was placed for the triggering bet.

Free Plays can be re-triggered during Free Plays mode, so you could be awarded with extra Free Plays. If all 6 letters of the Rubik's logo light up whilst in the Free Plays bonus round, then the player does not get to choose any squares but is just shown what they won in a pop up. Only extra cubes or extra FreePlays are awarded when re-triggered as only one prize is awarded.

There is a maximum of 9 cubes in total that can be used, after that only additional FreePlays would be awarded.

All winnings during FreePlays mode will be credited to your account balance after each play. A message summarising all your FreePlays winnings will be displayed after all FreePlays are completed.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

RTP 94.5%

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