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Remember Tetris? This 80s block sensation captured the imaginations of a generation and it's still as popular today as it ever was. Slotblox is an exciting slots game based on this gaming classic and the premise is simple – complete the rows of blocks to win!

Get your fix of nostalgia at Gala Bingo where Slotblox is bringing Tetris back to life with a modern twist. Just as in the classic block game, the falling blocks need to be moved from left to right to try and complete as many complete lines as possible! These colourful shapes need to form a complete row in order to win.

Each time you complete a row, you'll receive a prize and the more rows that you form in one go, the bigger the reward. It's even possible to score a ‘quadruple' line and get four winning lines in one go!

Slotblox is a really fun and simple game to play. To get started, all you need to do is select your stake, which could be as little as £0.50 up to a maximum of £25, so this is a great game for both beginners and experienced players. Click ‘Play' and the game will begin! When the blocks begin to fall, the computer will automatically arrange them for you, from left to right, to complete any winning lines. For every complete line you get, you win a prize. Each time a winning line is completed, the blocks will be removed from the game, giving you more chances to win!

There are also plenty of bonus features to enjoy with Slotblox. One of these is the Magic Block mode where you will be awarded 10 free spins. When this happens, you'll enter the Free Plays feature on a separate screen and all your winnings from this round will be doubled. You can also choose to use the Auto Play feature, so you won't miss out, even if you need to pop to the shop or answer the phone.

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