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Slotblox is a fixed-odds game inspired by a popular block-based arcade game. Each time the falling blocks form a complete row, a win will be awarded. The more rows are formed in one go, the larger the win. The more wins of each type you have, the more the payouts increase for that type. The game also features a magic block which will trigger 10 Free Plays if it forms part of a win.

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Game Type

The Buttons and the Display Fields
The amount you want to stake can be selected by clicking on the ‘Stake Up' and ‘Stake Down' buttons.

Play: to drop the blocks into the grid and start the game.
Autoplay: to allow automatic consecutive normal game plays for a certain amount of spins. Options for spins range from 5 spins to 25 spins. After each auto play, the number of remaining plays will be displayed. You can stop the Auto Play by clicking the ‘Stop Autoplay' button in between spins. If you trigger the Free Plays bonus the game will automatically enter the Bonus game and Autoplay mode will resume once the Free Plays have fiinshed.
Slow Mode: Press the yellow 'Slow Mode' button on the console if you prefer the game to play out more slowly than the default game play speed.
All your game details will show in the following display fields:
Balance: shows your balance - expressed in the currency of your account.
Stake: shows the total value of your bet. If you wish to change the value of your bet, you may click on the stake up and stake down buttons.
Winnings: shows the amount won on the last spin.
The Navigation Bar
Should you run out of funds or wish to withdraw, you can access your CASHIER from the top navigation bar.
From the HISTORY drop-down menu you will be able to access the list of all your previous bets and transactions.
Selecting HELP will bring you back to this page.
Please note: The CASHIER and HISTORY menus will only be available if you are logged in.
Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
RTP 94.5%
Copyright Gala Coral Group Ltd.


  • BET amount can be changed by using the Stake Up and Stake Down buttons
  • Payouts are dependent on the amount staked and increase and decrease when the stake is changed
  • Winning combinations are completed rows of blocks with no gaps remaining from heights of singles (1) to quads (4)
  • Winning lines are highlighted on the paytable and payouts are shown as the amount won in your account currency
  • Up to four rows can be completed at one time and the payouts increase for two, three or four rows (doubles, triples, quads)
  • A maximum of four of each type of win are achievable in one spin. i.e. five quads cannot be obtained in one go
  • It is possible for one block to create multiple wins. In this case the payout is awarded for the lines separately and not cumulatively
  • Completed rows are removed from the grid and blocks fall down but do not fill any empty spaces below the rows of blocks that have just been removed
  • Payouts are displayed on the left of the grid
  • Once the grid has filled up with no completed rows, the game ends
  • The maximum win on this game is capped at £250,000
10 Free Plays are awarded if one or more rows are completed featuring a Magic Block. The screen background colour will change and a message will flash up saying "10 Free Plays".
Only one award of 10 free plays can be awarded for any one magic block. All wins during the free plays are doubled and added to the winnings box in the bottom right hand corner. During the free plays, the wins displayed on the paytable do not change but the amount awarded for each completed row is doubled. Free plays can be re-triggered and a further 10 free plays are awarded if a magic block completes a row.