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The goal of the game is to achieve a winning combination of icons on any of the 40 selectable lines or on the Loot Line®.

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Game Type

When you start the game you will have to indicate the amount of money that you wish to take in the game. Select the amount using the arrow buttons and click on BUY IN.

The buttons and the display fields
The lines you want to bet on can be selected singularly by clicking on the buttons corresponding to each line next to the reels or using the + and – arrows on the Lines slider. It is not necessary to bet on all lines but the maximum payouts require a Max Bet.

The following buttons are also available within the game:

1 Per Line: to bet 1 coin on all lines.
2 Per Line: to bet 2 coins on all lines.
3 Per Line: to bet 3 coins on all lines.
4 Per Line: to bet 4 coins on all lines.

Max Bet: to bet the maximum (5 coins) on each line. If you have fewer than 100 coins, Max Bet will bet the rest of your coins. 

Play: to spin the reels.

OPTIONS: customise the graphics quality of the game and switch the audio on and off.

All your game details will show in the following display fields: 

Balance: shows your balance - expressed in the currency of your account - and will depend on the amount you chose to take into the game.

Stake: shows the value of your coins. When trying the game for fun with virtual money, the word Free will be displayed instead of the coin value. If you wish to change the value of your coins, you may click on STAKE, in the top navigation bar, and choose a different value.

Paid: shows the amount won in the spin.

Bet: shows the coins bet in the current spin.

The navigation bar
Within the STAKE drop-down menu you will be able to see all the winning combinations of symbols (PAYTABLE) and change the value of your coins (CHANGE STAKE).

Should you run out of funds, from the top navigation bar, within the CASHIER drop-down menu you will be able to take more money into the game (ADD MONEY) or transfer funds from the other gaming platforms (TRANSFER MONEY).

From the HISTORY drop-down menu you will be able to access the list of all your previous bets and transactions.

Please note: The CASHIER and HISTORY menus will only be available if you are logged in.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Loot Line Feature
Loot symbols appearing on the outcome reels are transferred to the Loot Line® in the order in which they appear from left to right. A Loot symbol is the 2x Wild Owl symbol or any symbol with the Loot Line® border. Only Loot symbols transfer to the Loot Line®.

A line win on the Loot Line® is multiplied by the Loot Line® multiplier, which is equal to the total number of credits bet. Loot Line® symbols are cleared before each spin. Only the highest line win is paid on the Loot Line®.

Free Games Feature
Receive 7 free games in the Free Games feature. Trigger the Free Games feature by getting a Yellow Safesymbol on Reels 1, 3 and 5 in the same outcome. The effective bet for the Free Games is the total bet when the Free Games feature is triggered.

At the start of each Free Game, the Loot Line® is boosted with an automatic 2x Wild Owl symbol, making the Loot Line® wins easier to obtain and twice as valuable.

In a Free Games spin, 3 Green Safe symbols pay 10x your total bet.

Wild Super Hoot Loot
The Wild Super Hoot Loot symbol is a standard wild that substitutes for whichever symbol (except for Yellow SafeGreen Safe and 2x Wild Owl) earns you the highest pay.

The Wild Super Hoot Loot symbol also has payline awards for getting 2, 3, 4, or 5 of them on an active payline. One of these awards will pay if it is the highest paying outcome on the payline.

For example, let's say you have an active payline with the symbols:

     [WILD] - [WILD] - [WILD] - [WILD] - [KING]

where each "[WILD]" represents a Wild Super Hoot Loot symbol.

This outcome is evaluated as a four-Wild Super Hoot Loot award that pays 500 times your line bet (instead of as a lower-paying five-King award that only pays 125 times your line bet).

2x Wild Owl
The 2x Wild Owl symbol substitutes for whichever symbol (except for Yellow Safe and Green Safe) earns you the highest pay. Line wins completed with one or more 2x Wild Owl symbols pay double the award value.

2x Wild Owl symbol substitutes for a Wild Super Hoot Loot symbol if that would maximize your award.

For example, let's say you have an active payline with the symbols:

     [2XWILD] - [2XWILD] - [2XWILD] - [JACK] - [KING]

where each "[2XWILD]" represents a 2x Wild Owl symbol. 

This is evaluated as a three-Wild Super Hoot Loot outcome, which pays 100 times your line bet (instead of as a lower-paying four-Jack outcome which only pays 15 times your line bet). And because at least one 2x Wild Owl forms the win, this line award is doubled, paying 200 times your line bet. 

The powerful award doubling feature of 2x Wild Owl symbols also applies to the Loot Line®. Any 2x Wild Owlsymbol appearing on the reels is transferred to the Loot Line®, where the symbol works just like it does on a regular payline. And as noted above, the Loot Line® is automatically seeded with an initial 2x Wild Owl symbol at the start of each Free Game. 

2x Wild Owl symbols can substitute for Wild Super Hoot Loot symbols on the Loot Line®. 

For example, a Loot Line® outcome with only these two symbols:

     [2XWILD] - [2XWILD]

would be evaluated as a two-Wild Super Hoot Loot outcome, awarding you:

     Loot Line® pay = 5 x 2 x total bet 

The '5' is the award value for a two-Wild Super Hoot Loot outcome. 
The '2' comes from the award doubling feature of the 2x Wild Owl.

RTP 94.56%

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