Win Win

Win Win

Win Win Bingo – If you don't win, you'll get your money back! Play from 1st - 15th November from 2pm to 10pm, exclusively in the City Room.

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Win Win Bingo – win when you win, win when you don’t!

Play Win Win Bingo and if you don’t win a prize you’ll get 100% of your ticket price back within 48 hours GUARANTEED – it’s the very definition of a Win Win situation!

  • What: Your stake back if your luck is out
  • When: 1st- 15th November, 2pm-10pm
  • Where: Exclusively in the City Room

There will be 4 games an hour with prize pools of £20 and tickets are just 5p each (up to a maximum of 6 per player, per game).

  1. Offer open to new and existing online customers aged 18+ who are resident in any country where the promoter accepts customers.
  2. The Win-win Bingo Games will take place daily from 2pm – 10pm UK time in the City room from 1st November to 15th November 2013 inclusive.
  3. There will be ticket max out of 6 tickets and each ticket will cost 5p per player, per game.
  4. Prize pools will be £20 per game.
  5. If a customer does not win the full house, 2 lines or 1 line prize within a Win-Win Bingo game, they will receive their stake back in cash. If a customer wins any prize within a Win- Win Bingo game on any ticket, their stake on all Bingo tickets purchased for that particular game will not be returned to them.
  6. Refunds will be processed to the bingo wallet in the cashier within 48 hours.
  7. There will be no advanced ticket purchase facility on these games.
  8. For additional promotional terms, please click here.
  9. Promoter: Gala (Interactive) Gibraltar Limited, Regal House, Queensway, Gibraltar.