Boost Your Bingo Skills: Tips and Strategies - galabingo

Boost Your Bingo Skills: Tips and Strategies

Boost Your Bingo Skills: Tips and Strategies

Boost Your Bingo Skills: Tips and Strategies

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If you’re looking to play online bingo, there’s only one name you need: Gala Bingo. We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but we’ve got everything you need - and more! - for a great game of bingo. 

One of the things we love about bingo is that it’s such a social game. You can play bingo with friends, or play alone and make some new friends in the process! Traditionally bingo has been played at physical locations, but there is now a huge variety of online bingo games too. More people than ever before are discovering just how much fun bingo can be - especially when a game is only ever a few clicks away!

Bingo is a game of good luck, but that doesn’t mean you should just leave everything to chance. Our Gala Bingo tips below will help to guide you through the best way to play with practical strategies to help you improve your game. 

Undertstanding Bingo Basics

Even if you’re completely new to playing at casinos, you’re probably already familiar with the basics of bingo. It’s a game that’s been around since the 16th century in one form or another, with its simple rules and structure offering a lasting appeal. 

There are many different types of bingo to choose between, but the principles of every game are the same. 

Players have a card printed with a specific amount of numbers which are within a prescribed range. Numbers are drawn randomly and “called” - for online bingo, this usually means just being displayed on the screen. Players check their card and cross the number off if they have it. 

The goal is to cross off a certain amount of numbers before any of the other players. Unlike casino games such as blackjack, with bingo you are in direct competition with other players. 

The numbers that need to be crossed off to receive a prize depend on the game of bingo you’re playing. Some games of bingo pay prizes for checking off one complete line, then two complete lines, and then the final card. Other games of bingo only pay out one prize when the whole card is checked off. Sometimes there are additional prizes for marking off special patterns, such as a diamond or cross. 

This variation in the payouts means that it’s essential to check the rules before you start playing. 

Here at Gala Bingo, we know that not all games of bingo suit every player. We offer a broad selection of bingo games, including 90-ball, 80-ball, and 75-ball bingo. If you’re looking for a speedy game, you can even opt for 36-ball bingo. 

One point to note: balls simply mean numbers! The term is a throwback to traditional bingo halls when the numbers were drawn on physical balls. 

The more balls there are in a game of bingo, the slower the game will be. Bingo games with fewer balls will be fast-paced, and you’ll finish each card more quickly. 

Online bingo tips have to be tailored to the type of bingo you’re playing. What works for 90-ball bingo could be completely ineffective for a quicker game of 36-ball bingo. But never fear, as we have tips on winning bingo for every type of game. 

In physical bingo, the game might be played by pulling the numbers out of a drum. This guarantees a random result. 

When you play online bingo, fair gameplay is provided by using Random Number Generators (RNG). This is the same technology that’s used for slots, and means that the numbers generated are truly random. When you use an authorised and regulated casino like Gala Bingo, the RNG is strictly monitored so you can be certain that the gameplay is transparent and fair. 

Choosing the Right Bingo Room

When you’re ready to play online bingo, you’ll need to pick a room. Here at Gala Bingo, you’ll find there’s a wide selection of different bingo rooms, which all offer different playing experiences. 

Some bingo rooms are themed, eg/TV shows or movies. A familiar name might be instantly appealing, but strategies to win bingo depend on the type of game, and the prizes, so you’ll need to find out a bit more about the game before you start playing. 

Regardless of the theme, each bingo room will have a specified number of balls. This has a significant impact on the style of play. Bingo rooms with 80 or 90 balls will have longer, slower games with multiple prizes per card. Conversely, rooms with just 30 or 36 balls will be fast and have fewer prizes per card. This means you’ll need to pick the right bingo tips for the game you’re playing. 

Bingo is about beating the other players, and being the first person to match the winning numbers. This means that the size of the room can influence the gameplay, and also affect your chances of winning. You can use all of your bingo skills to try and win, but if there are a lot of other players, it can be harder to win!

What’s great about bingo is that it’s a game that everyone can enjoy, regardless of budget. Cards in different bingo rooms will be priced at varying points, and you can play for just a few pennies. 

If you’re hoping for the big win, look out for the rooms with jackpot payouts. Even the very best bingo winning strategies can’t guarantee you a big-money payout, but as the results are genuinely random, you never know - it could be your lucky day…

The variation in ticket prizes is an integral part of responsible gaming. It means that everyone can play without having to stretch their budget. As with all types of casino games, it’s highly advisable to set a budget before you start. This ensures that you don’t accidentally spend more than you can afford, because it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement. 

The best tips for winning online bingo don’t promise miracles, but do significantly increase your chances of success. Deciding what type of prizes you want to win can also influence how frequently you win. Everyone would love to win the big-money jackpot prizes, but realistically, the chances of this are much lower than winning a smaller payout. 

Some players prefer the thrill of chasing the big wins, even though the chances are less because there are so many people competing to win. Other players prefer to go for bingo rooms with lots of lower prizes because there are much fewer people and more frequent payouts, so it’s easier to win.

As we mentioned before, looking for bingo rooms with fewer people is one of the common strategies to win at bingo. This can be very effective, but it doesn’t tell the full story. If players within the room all have multiple cards, your chances of winning may be lower than you realise. 

For this reason, opting for a bingo room with more players but a greater number of prizes may be preferable. There will be more people playing for each prize, but you’ll have multiple chances of winning for the same ticket price. 

Whatever type of room you choose, purchasing multiple cards is one of the best online bingo tips. Playing with more than one card will increase the number of opportunities for a win; the more cards you hold, the higher the chance of success. Of course, it’s always important to balance up how much you spend on tickets and how much you could win, while keeping one eye on your budget too.  

Advanced Bingo Strategies

Tips for winning online bingo aren’t restricted to just purchasing more tickets and picking the right room. There are some more complex strategies to win bingo that factor in other elements. 

Granville’s Bingo Strategy has been used by many bingo players, and works well for online play. The strategy was named after Joseph E. Granville, a financial writer who used mathematical models for investment. 

Granville found that spread over a game; the numbers would be evenly divided between odd, even, high and low. His tips for bingo suggest that players choose cards that are well-balanced, with an equal spread of odd, even, high and low numbers.

In addition, although every number had an equal chance of theoretically being chosen, Granville believed that it was better to avoid numbers that were too similar. For example, choosing the number 8 for your card meant that the numbers 18, 28, 38 and so on, were best avoided. 

The problem is that it can be difficult to find cards that meet all of these criteria, especially if you want to play with multiple cards at once.

Tippett’s Bingo Strategy is another popular model, once again named after its creator - Leonard Tippett, an English statistician. Tippett started by looking at 90-ball bingo and expanded his research to consider bingo games of varying lengths. 

He found that in longer games, the numbers called were more likely to be closer to the middle (median) number. For example, in 90-ball bingo this would be 45, and in 75-ball bingo this would be 38. However, if the game was short, the numbers would be more likely to be at the top or bottom of the range, rather than in the middle. For example, in 90-ball bingo, this means the numbers would be more likely to be closer to numbers 1 and 90 than 45. 

Players can use Tippett’s strategies to win bingo by estimating how long they think the game is likely to last. For shorter games, cards which have numbers at either extremity should be chosen, while for longer games, cards with lots of numbers in the middle are more likely to provide success. 

Both Tippett and Granville offer some ideas for bingo success based on probability and statistics, but neither can guarantee a win. The only surefire way of improving your odds is to play with more tickets per game.

This can be difficult to manage, and missing a number could be disastrous! That’s why many players opt for the auto-daub option, which allows matching numbers to be checked off automatically. This ensures you’ll never miss out on a potential win. 

Bingo Etiquette and Online Community

One of the best bits about bingo is that it’s a social game, and that’s no different when you play online. Gala has a huge and active online bingo community, so you can soak up the atmosphere with your fellow players. 

The ability to chat with other players by sending direct messages is something that lots of people enjoy. Of course, it’s always important to remain respectful and friendly at all times in the bingo chat rooms - but there’s rarely a problem between players. A chat host will usually be present; their role is to oversee things and to ensure that all communication is pleasant.

You might already be familiar with some of the common abbreviations used in online messaging, such as LOL (laughing out loud) and BRB (be right back). In online bingo chat, you’ll also find some bingo-specific lingo, such as:

  • 1TG - one ball to go (the number 1 can be substituted for any other number)
  • BLNT - better luck next time
  • Eyes down - the game is about to begin
  • FFH - for full house
  • FH - full house
  • GGA - good game all (frequently used at the end of a game to the rest of the room)
  • GLA - good luck all
  • JP - jackpot
  • OAR - on a roll
  • ON - when you’re only one square away from winning
  • Postage stamp - description a square of four numbers together in the corner of your card
  • UL - unlucky
  • WDW - well done winner
  • YAW - you’re a winner!

Responsible Gaming and Staying Safe Online

Our tips for winning online bingo could help you land a win, but remember to always bet within your limits. Set your budget before you begin to play; this will help to ensure that you aren’t spending more than you can afford. It’s very easy to get swept up in the excitement of the moment, so deciding how much you want to spend in advance can be a smart move. 

As well as setting a limit for spending, it’s also advisable to set a time limit too. It’s not healthy to spend too long gambling online, even if you are winning. By setting yourself a maximum time limit for each session, you can ensure that you keep a balanced outlook. 

Gala Bingo is authorised and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, so you know that you can play in complete confidence. Choosing a casino that is properly authorised and regulated by a recognised body is essential for keeping your data safe and allowing you to play securely online. 


Our strategies to win bingo should help you to enjoy playing while also giving you the best chance of success. Our bingo tips can’t guarantee that you’ll win every time, but they could help to give you a boost and add an extra edge. 

Picking the bingo room that suits how you like to play is an important element of the gameplay. Big jackpots won’t pay out so frequently and you’re likely to be competing with more players. Smaller prizes may attract fewer players and be easier to win, so it all depends on what you prefer. Whatever you choose, playing with multiple cards for each game will increase the probability of a win!

Remember to always play responsibly and to stay within your personal limits. This will help you to stay positive while playing, and to keep a balanced approach to enjoying bingo. 

Now that you have plenty of top tips for winning online bingo, why not join our Gala Bingo community? You’ll find lots of like-minded players waiting to chat and have fun in the many bingo rooms we have available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really improve my bingo skills, or is it purely a game of chance?

Bingo is a game of chance but you can improve your bingo skills by picking the room carefully, selecting the cards which are the most balanced and buying multiple cards per game. 

How can playing with multiple cards improve my chances of winning in bingo?

Each card you play with represents one chance of winning. If you play with multiple cards, you’ll have multiple chances of winning each game. Think of it like straws in a hat; each bingo card represents one straw, so the more straws you have, the better chance of being picked!

What should I consider when choosing a bingo game to play?

When choosing the bingo game, considering the theme, the ticket prize, the top prize, and the number of people who are playing will all help you to select the best one to play.

How can I effectively manage my bankroll when playing bingo?

Setting a budget in advance of playing and limiting your time will help to prevent you from overspending and allow you to manage your bankroll more effectively.

Are there any specific patterns I should look for when playing bingo?

Some of the advanced bingo winning strategies suggest that players should look for cards that have an even spread of numbers between high, low, even and odd numbers. In addition, if you expect the game to be short, you should select cards which have very high or low numbers. If you expect the game to be long, you should look for cards that have lots of numbers around the middle of the range.

Should I engage with the online bingo community for tips and support?

The Gala Bingo community is a positive and supportive environment that all players can access. As well as chatting and having fun with other players, you’ll find it a great place to get online bingo tips and advice. 

How can I stay updated on special promotions and bonuses for bingo games?

When you sign up for an account with Gala Bingo, keep a look out for emails with details of our special promotions and offers for our many online bingo games.