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We're sure you noticed that when you googled the name of an online slot, the first page of results is made up almost entirely of reviews. And while many players will just skip directly past these and go straight to the game, this might be a mistake.

Professional reviewers write online slot reviews, and they actually have a purpose other than letting the writer earn money.

For a start, they help players find out about the latest releases because as soon as a new game comes on the market, the reviewers get to work. But they also have other benefits for the players.

As well as letting players know what new games are available, they also tell them about the game. A good review will describe things like the theme of the game, the animations and soundtrack, as well as how the game works, the bonuses, payouts, volatility and other important information.

Themes and Design

It’s important to know about the visuals and layout of the game due to the huge variety of different types there are out there. Video slots have allowed developers to experiment with all sorts of themes, layouts, effects, and sound effects.

The result is games that range from simple, three reel classic slots to full-on disco spectacles like Jammin' Jars. And, of course, every player has their own preference for the type of slot they want to play. Some want to concentrate on the game without any annoying noises, flashing lights or distracting animations. There are other players for whom a show, the louder and brighter the better, is a massive part of the slot-playing experience. Reading reviews will help you choose games that suit your own particular preferences.


A good review will also tell you all about the bonuses and special features of a game, including how they work. Knowing this information before you start playing a new game is crucial if you want to get the most out of it. For example, many games now feature timed bonus rounds. Imagine triggering one of these only for the time to run out while you're still working out what to do. That's a lot of potential payouts missed.

This is all in addition to basic information like volatility, the payouts for different combinations of symbols and what jackpots, progressive or not, are available.

As you can see, taking a couple of minutes to read a review before playing a new game can really add to your whole online gambling experience. Just keep in mind that they are only human, and their opinion might not be the same as yours. Reading more than one review is never a bad idea. Good Luck!