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Classic Slots Vs Video Slots - Which One to Play?

Classic Slots Vs Video Slots - Which One to Play?

Classic Slots Vs Video Slots - Which One to Play?

When it comes to online casinos, slots are amongst the most popular games and due to this, players have a huge selection to choose from. From various providers to titles that are created primarily for mobile devices, the number of options is plentiful. The two main categories for slots are classic and video, with the latter being a modern version of its traditional counterparts. 

The debate of which category is better has divided the online slots community. Some stand in the corner of classic slot games due to their simplicity, while others prefer the immersive experience offered by modern graphics. Of course, there are many punters that enjoy both variations equally, too.

So, what exactly is the difference between the two types of slots? We explain all in this article, while also looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each, in order to answer the question: Are classic slots or video slots the best? 

Understanding Classic and Video Slots

Before comparing the two types, we must first explain what each slot entails. Classic slots have a retro appearance and are typically limited to a maximum of three reels. In many instances, only a single payline will be included, although some may have multiple.  

Video slots, on the other hand, focus heavily on offering an experience to the player. This is achieved with high-quality graphics, immersive sound effects, and animations that will trigger for different outcomes. Other key features include dedicated bonus modes, more than three reels, the potential for hundreds of active paylines, and an array of interesting mechanics. 

Of course, choosing the right slot game is important for players. Finding a game that seamlessly matches their preferences is key, so identifying these beforehand is recommended. For example, some prefer to immerse themselves in modern graphics and the latest features, while others are simply looking for rules that aren't overly complicated.  

Benefits and Drawbacks of Classic and Video Slots

By listing the benefits and potential drawbacks of both variations of slots, players can gain a deeper understanding of which is more likely to match their preferences. Let's start by looking at classic online slots!

Advantages of Classic Slots

Perhaps the biggest advantage of classic slots is their simplicity. Players can simply wait for the game to load, adjust their stake size, and begin spinning without the need to worry about complicated mechanics. Naturally, this makes them well-suited to beginners. The traditional appearance is another aspect that some players may enjoy about classic releases. 

One misconception about classic slots in online casinos is that they come with low RTP rates. However, titles such as Blood Suckers disprove this, with this being one of the highest paying classic slots, featuring a return-to-player rate of 98.00%.

Drawbacks of Classic Slots

On the other end of the scale, vintage-themed classic slots do not come with many bonus features. The basic 'gamble' mechanics may be implemented, but this is about as far as it goes. Gameplay is also considered to be far less interactive, due to sound effects, animations, and 'Pick Em' style features all being excluded.

Advantages of Video Slots

Video slots benefit from modern graphics, with animations and sound effects being the highest quality. There are also a variety of interactive bonus features within video slots, such as the aforementioned 'Pick Em' modes and free spin rounds.  

Another aspect to consider is the jackpots within video slots, too. Progressive jackpots are becoming increasingly popular, meaning that the total potential winnings will increase until they're awarded. They will then be reset, and the process will repeat. 

Drawbacks of Video Slots

While video slots seem to be the clear winner, they can be rather complex to learn, especially for beginners that are not familiar with standard mechanics. There can also be a larger RTP and volatility swing with video slots. However, these figures are clearly labelled within the game itself.

Comparison of Classic and Video Slots in Key Areas

Now, let's directly compare the two types of slots in a variety of key areas. Some of these may be more important to players than others. However, it's important to evaluate each carefully before spinning. These key areas include: 

  • Payouts - Typically, modern video slots will have a greater RTP or payout rate. This is because of the sheer amount of competition in the online casino space, with providers doing anything they can to separate themselves from the pack. On average, classic slots have an RTP of between 85-90%, while video slots have an average of roughly 94-96%. 
  • Jackpots - As mentioned earlier, this is another area that works in favour of video slots. Virtually all classic slots will come with fixed jackpots, if one is present at all. Modern releases, however, can benefit from both fixed and progressive jackpots. 
  • Bonus Features - When spinning classic titles, players may find a simple mechanic that allows them to gamble any potential winnings on the colour of a playing card, or the position of a blinking light. Video releases have more advanced bonuses, including free spins, fixed values, and respin-based rounds.  
  • Graphics Quality - The appearance of different slots is up for debate; however, the graphics quality is undeniably better in video slots. Perhaps this is to be expected, given the huge progress that has been made since classic titles were first released. 
  • Mobile Gameplay - Some classic slots do translate well over to mobile devices, due to the interface and game features being rather minimal. This means that everything remains present when opened on a phone or tablet. On the other side of the scale, video slots are often created with mobiles in mind, with a layer of responsiveness being implemented. This means that there can be two versions of the same game, one for mobile and one for desktop. 

Beginner's Guide to Classic and Video Slots

While it's clear that video slots have many advantages over their classic counterparts, which is better suited for beginners? In short, classic titles can be a great way to become acclimatised to the world of online slots, with few options and mechanics to learn along the way. Should players want to sit down and carefully read the rules of a title before spinning, however, jumping straight into video slots could offer a more enjoyable experience overall. 

For those that are limited to playing on a mobile device, or prefer to spin on the go, classic slots can still be a solid option. Turning the phone horizontally can allow for the slot to fill the screen, meaning that no features are lost. The same applies to video slots, with interactive bonus features such as 'Pick Em' rounds also working seamlessly on phones and tablets. 

Another great option for players that applies to both classic and video releases, is the potential to use the demo mode. These versions of each game can be found online with us here at Gala Bingo, meaning that spins can be played without the need for a deposit to be made. Players can test out the features of each game and find one that matches their preferences before wagering any of their own funds! 

Winning Strategies for Classic and Video Slots

As for winning strategies in slots, there are a few things that players can take into account, with the first revolving around the game selection process. Looking for titles that have a higher RTP than others may prove to be useful. Another thing to consider is progressive jackpots, alongside the minimum and maximum stake size associated with the title.

Next up is understanding the game before spinning, which can be fast-tracked by reading through the rules of playing the demo version. Taking advantage of bonus offers, such as free spins and matched deposits, can also help a player's balance go further. 

It's important to mention that there is no set strategy that can guarantee a win for any player while spinning slots. While some people believe in changing the bet size at certain times, following strategies like Martingale and the Fibonacci system, the outcome of each spin relies entirely on luck. A random number generator is used to determine whether or not a matching combination will appear, meaning that no spin can be predicted. 


To summarise this article, it's clear that video slots have many advantages over their classic counterparts. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that they're better, as ultimately, it's a matter of preference.  

For those that aren't sure where to start, playing through a few demo slots could be key. Spinning without the need to make a deposit can help players to learn the rules and experience the different features of each game. Both video slots and classic games will come with demo versions, which can be found here at Gala Bingo

Another way of approaching which slot to play is by deciding on preferences in advance. For example, if a player is looking for interactive bonus modes or progressive jackpots, then it's likely that video slots will be a more appealing option. Adversely, beginners that are looking to spin without the need to learn extensive mechanics and rules may prefer classic titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are classic slots?

Classic slots are games with a traditional appearance. They typically include a maximum of three reels, with a small number of paylines being active, too.

How do video slots differ from classic slots?

Video slots are modern variations of classic titles. They usually come with more than 3 reels and dedicated bonus modes, while some have progressive jackpots.

Which type of slot game offers higher payouts?

On average, video slots have higher payout rates. The RTP of these titles is usually in the 94-96% region, while classic slot games have an average of 85-90%.

Are classic slots more beginner-friendly compared to video slots?

Yes, classic slots can be more friendly to beginners than video titles. This is due to fewer mechanics and rules being used. 

Can I find classic slots and video slots at online casinos?

Yes, both types of these slots are available at many online casinos, including right here at Gala Bingo.

Do classic slots have bonus features like video slots?

Some classic slots have very minimal bonus features, such as the ability to wager their potential winnings on the colour of a card.

Are there any strategies specific to playing classic slots?

Picking a game carefully can be considered a strategy when playing classic slots. With that being said, the outcome of each spin will rely entirely on luck.

What are the popular features of video slots?

The most popular features of video slots include high-quality graphics, bonus modes, and progressive jackpots.

Can I play classic slots and video slots for free?

Yes, players can spin classic and video slots for free by loading up the demo version of the corresponding game.

Which type of slot game is more popular among players?

Video slots are more popular than classic titles, mainly due to the array of different features and the overall experience that they offer.