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Go Fish

Okay, so we’ll get the elephant out of the room from the get-go, or should that be fish? Well, of course, this Inspired Gaming release is called Go Fish. And, as many readers of this review will know, or will have heard, Go Fish is the name of a card game. So, does this slot carry this idea forward? No, it doesn’t. But, it does keep the fish involved, and they're arguably the most crucial part.

Fish, as everyone knows, live underwater. So, that’s where we’re heading in this slot. And, while you could say we see a few games with an underwater theme, they’re not all that common. It’s a trait we see throughout, as Inspired move away from the standard payline offering to deliver up to 1,024 ways to win across the game area. So, the fishing trip out at sea is off to a good start.

Inspired break the mould across the board in terms of how they set this slot up, which is pleasing to see. So, for example, there is a run of symbols that are organised by what appears to be some sort of piping system. And then inside this, there are nine positions where the water is greener and has more bubbles.

What punters will see are the symbols that flow around the central block of nine come in from the left and enter along the archway organised by the piping. Of course, the paylines will work across all spaces, but the avalanche mechanic adds even more intrigue to proceedings.

Feature Symbols

In the water, it’s natural to see bubbles, right? And, while seeing royal icons in a slot may be a bit boring for some, we like that the J, Q, K and A in Go Fish are in keeping with the theme. They appear as bubble-styled letters, all of a different colour, and they look the part.

Now, it's not going to take a brain surgeon to work out what is going to make up the rest of the icon selection in this Inspired Gaming release. Yes, you guessed it, it's fish. There are multiple types of sea creatures and of course, we all know that it's sharks that rule the seas, and it's the shark who is the biggest payer in this slot, with a chance of five appearing across a payline worth a return of £7.50.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Usually, we will start this part of the review and tell you about the wild icon. But, in Go Fish, we will mention the pink question mark, which is the mystery symbol. When it appears on the reels, it will transform into a regular icon at random.

There are base game modifiers to watch out for, too. For example, Whale Whirlpool will mix up the icons when it breezes across the screen. And Expanding Wolds can see the green puffa fish grow as big as 3x3.

Our final mentions are, for first, the free spins feature, which requires three or more game logos to enter. There will be eight free rounds to play from the off, and there is a chance to add to the running total by finding more logos, with up to forty-two spins possible.

Play Go Fish at Gala Bingo

Go Fish is a slot many will think is going to be simple and, therefore, quickly going to become repetitive. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. There is more going on in this Inspired Gaming release than meets the eye, with multiple mechanics, features and bonuses at work to keep the good times rolling.