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How to Host a Bingo Night at Home

Whether you’re 18 or 80, everyone loves a game of bingo. Simple rules and cash prizes combine for a game that’s hard to resist.

Bingo halls have been around for decades, and they’re still a fun night out. However, there are now lots of other ways to play bingo with family and friends, including one of the most comfortable options, hosting bingo at home.

If you’re wanting to play bingo at home there’s no easier way than hosting your own bingo night. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make the night run smoothly.

Decide on the Game

When playing bingo at home, it’s important to decide on the type of bingo you are going to be playing. Although bingo is always played in the same way, there are many different types of bingo.

40-ball bingo is a much quicker game with just 40 balls to choose from and a 2x4 bingo grid. If you prefer lots of faster games rather than fewer long ones, 40-ball is the way to go.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there's 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo which are played on 5x5, 4x4 and 3x9 grids, respectively. These games are a lot slower and can incorporate smaller prizes such as one line and two lines on the way to the top prize of house.

You can download bingo tickets that match your preferred choice of game. Decide in advance if people are going to be allowed to play with multiple tickets, or just one ticket, so you know how many tickets to prepare!

Prepare Your Equipment

There's nothing more frustrating than just getting into the swing of a game than the numbers to start stalling or long gaps between each call. You'll need a mechanism to ensure that the numbers are pulled quickly and are properly communicated to everyone playing.

One option is a tombola cage, with numbered balls placed inside. This will provide an atmosphere that’s just like the real thing, with someone physical drawing each number out of the cage.

An alternative is using a random number generator online. This means you won't need to have any physical bingo equipment; a laptop, tablet, or smartphone will all be able to use number generator apps that work within the parameters you set.

Playing Bingo at Home Legally

One crucial factor which can't be overlooked when playing bingo at home is the legal position. The law is very strict about what you can and can't do, even if you're hosting bingo in your own home.

There are lots of restrictions which include not being allowed to charge any fees, even if you plan to use any surplus funds to donate to charity.

To avoid falling foul of the law, you might find it easier to host a social occasion where everyone joins an online bingo room. You won’t need to worry about setting up the bingo calling, or the cards, as everything will be supplied.

Join one of the online Gala Bingo rooms, and you can all enjoy playing together. One benefit is that you can even play together over Zoom or FaceTime if you can't be in the same physical location.

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