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How to Play Online Scratchcards at Gala Bingo

Here at Gala Bingo Casino, we’re not just about the traditional casino games. Sure, we’ve got slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker, but we’ve also got lots of the latest new casino games too, such as online scratchcards. 

Online scratchcards are a hugely popular addition to modern casino games, with their simple structure and easy-to-play style appealing to all types of players. 

There’s no need to pop to the shop to pick up a scratchcard when you can now play exactly the same games online! Gala Bingo has an enormous variety of online scratchcards in every genre and style, so it’s never been easier to play whenever the mood strikes.

If you’ve only ever tried physical scratchcards, never fear! This guide will explain exactly how to play online scratchcards at Gala Bingo, with all the facts you need to get started. 

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Getting Started with Gala Bingo

You’ll find a huge range of online scratchcards at Gala Bingo which are available for all players to enjoy. 

However, before you start playing you’ll need to create an online account with Gala Bingo. This is completely free and provides full access to the complete range of casino games, including the wide selection of online scratchcards. 

Signing up only takes a couple of minutes, and can be done on either a computer or a mobile device. You’ll need to provide some basic information such as your personal details and your email address, plus you’ll need to think of a username. 

Gala Bingo offers a great welcome bonus to new players, which is a fantastic way of making your money stretch further. Once you’ve signed up and made your first deposit, don’t forget to claim the welcome bonus before you start playing. 

Once you’ve got your account set up and ready to go, it’s time to start playing. You can buy scratchcards online at Gala Bingo using the funds in your account, the bonus, or a combination of both!

At the top of the home page, you’ll see a series of different options; simply click on the one marked “Scratchcards”, and you’ll find the full range of scratchcards available to play. Select the one you want and start scratching away digitally - it really is that easy!

Understanding the Basics of Online Scratchcards

You may already be familiar with how to play, but just in case you’re completely new to these games, here’s the scratchcard basics you’ll need to know. 

Scratchcards are a simple game; you don’t need to carefully plan a cunning strategy, so they’re the ideal way to relax. You just scratch off the foil panels to reveal the symbols underneath. The aim is to either uncover matching symbols or to reveal a special winning symbol - the exact aim depends on the scratchcard you’re playing. 

If you play scratchcards online, the process is exactly the same as a physical scratchcard. But rather than having to go out to buy your scratchcard, you can start playing with just a few clicks! Of course you won’t be physically holding a scratchcard but the onscreen scratchcard will look just the same. The aim is identical; digitally remove the “foil” panels to uncover the all-important symbols!

The online difference when you play online scratchcards is that you can set your own stake. When you buy a scratchcard in a shop, the price is fixed so there’s no flexibility compared to their online equivalent. 

Scratchcards are a game of chance, and online scratchcards are no exception. Properly authorised and regulated casinos like Gala Bingo use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make sure each scratchcard is fair and truly random. 

This is the same technology that’s used in other online casino games, such as slots, and it’s tightly regulated and subject to independent checks. This means that when you play in an authorised casino like Gala Bingo, you can have complete confidence that the results are genuinely random and aren’t fixed to produce a loss. 

Selecting the Perfect Scratchcard Game

Now that you know how to play online scratchcards, it’s up to you to choose a scratchcard that appeals. 

If you’re more used to popping down to the shop and taking your pick of a handful of scratchcards, you’ll be blown away by the choice of online scratchcards in the UK. 

At Gala Bingo you’ll find an enormous array of online scratchcards covering a variety of styles and subjects. You’ll also find different prizes and payout rates, 

You can use lots of different methods to choose the online scratchcards that you want to play. 

Some players simply plump for the theme that appeals to them. This could be a TV show or movie that they like, or it could be a scratchcard version of another favourite casino game, such as the Fishin’ Frenzy scratchcard

There are online scratchcards that have huge progressive jackpots which have the potential to pay out enormous sums. These online scratchcards may pay out fewer prizes overall, but the value is higher. 

There’s no right or wrong way to play online scratchcards; it’s fine to choose based on whatever criteria you prefer. 

If you’re trying to find the scratchcards with the best pay-out rates, it’s worth checking out the Return to Player (RTP) for the game.

The RTP is a percentage score which shows how much, on average, a player might win if they bet 100.00 and played over a very long period. The higher the RTP, the more likely the scratchcard is to pay out. 

It’s worth emphasising that the RTP should only ever be considered as an approximate guide. The score is calculated based on playing each scratchcard many, many times and individual sessions may vary significantly. 

Playing Online Scratchcards: Step-by-Step Guide

When you have chosen the scratchcard that you want, click on “play here”, and the game will launch. Provided you have funds in your account, you’ll be taken straight into the scratchcard, where you can set the stake and check the rules. 

Don’t be tempted to skip this part as all of the online scratchcards are different. With some cards you’ll need to match multiple identical symbols, while for others you’ll only need to uncover a single elusive symbol.  

You can choose to either uncover the symbols manually by “scratching” onscreen. (Don’t actually scratch your screen, we don’t want your device to get damaged!) Scratching manually involves rubbing the digital foil panel using your cursor to reveal the symbols underneath. Many players like the suspense and anticipation of a manual reveal - getting a peek of the symbols is deliciously exciting!

Alternatively, you can often opt for an automatic reveal where the game will remove all the foil panels without you lifting a finger. 

Whichever option you pick, the scratchcard will be checked for any wins and any prizes awarded to you automatically. 

When you play scratchcards online, you’ll notice that there is a very wide selection of prizes. Some scratchcards pay lots of smaller amounts while others pay fewer, larger jackpots. You’ll also find some scratchcards that pay out winnings as a regular income, rather than a single lump sum. The variety is huge - and that’s one of the benefits of playing scratchcards online!

With some types of casino games, such as blackjack, developing a personal strategy is key to success. That’s not the case with blackjack; it’s all about Lady Luck smiling down on you. 

You can influence your luck by choosing online scratchcards with a high RTP and multiple prizes. For example, the Rainbow Rewards scratchcard offers one prize for matching three of the same colour, and another prize for uncovering the colours in the same order as the rainbow. This provides more than one chance to win per card, and all for the same single stake. 

Responsible Gaming and Staying Safe Online

Here at Gala Bingo Casino we love online scratchcards, and we’re constantly on the lookout for new scratchcards to add to our collection. 

But playing online is only fun if you gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford. 

One way to make sure you don’t spend too much is to set a budget before you start playing - and stick to it. It’s very easy to get swept up in the excitement, but you should never play with more than you can afford to lose. Setting a budget in advance will mean that you know your limits and won’t end up playing for too long.  

Even if you have a larger budget, take regular breaks and check in with yourself to make sure you’re still having fun. Playing scratchcards, whether that’s physical or online scratchcards, should ALWAYS be considered solely as entertainment and not a serious way of earning money. 

Gala Bingo Casino is authorised and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that you can be certain that your personal data is kept safe and secure, and that the online scratchcards are fair. Always make sure that whatever casino you choose is properly regulated by a recognised regulatory body. 


This guide should hopefully have provided you with a comprehensive, step-by-step explanation of how to play online scratchcards. There really is no difference to playing physical scratchcards - apart from the fact that online scratchcards can be played whenever you want! 

The enormous variety and convenience of online scratchcards, plus the ability to set your own stake are just a few of the reasons why they are soaring in popularity. 

If you tend to stick to your favourite casino games at Gala Bingo, why not check out the other options available, such as the scratchcards online? 

Easy to play, fun, and relaxing, online scratchcards can be enjoyed by all.  

Remember to always bet responsibly and to keep your passwords safe. Gala Bingo are a regulated casino and will not sell your personal information to any other parties, so you can trust us to keep you safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Scratchcards

What are online scratchcards, and how do they work?

Online scratchcards work exactly the same way as physical scratchcards, the only difference is that you’ll be scratching off panels on a screen. Every scratchcard will have unique rules for winning, but generally, you’ll be trying to scratch off matching numbers or symbols. 

How do I start playing online scratchcards at Gala Bingo Casino?

It’s easy to play scratchcards online at Gala Bingo Casino. Start by registering for a free account and crediting some funds to your account. Don’t forget to claim a welcome bonus to get you started! You’ll then be ready to take your pick of the many scratchcards online at Gala Bingo with instant play, and instant wins. 

Are online scratchcards fair and random?

Providing you’re playing at an authorised and regulated casino such as Gala Bingo, you can trust that online scratchcards are fair and random. Online scratchcards use Random Number Generators (just like slots) to ensure fairness. The regulator has very strict rules about how this is implemented, and authorised casinos are subject to ongoing checks. 

What are the odds of winning a prize with online scratchcards?

The odds of winning a prize on an online scratchcard vary significantly from one card to another, but in general, they’re pretty high. Look out for the RTP of each scratchcard as this will give you more precise information about the theoretical return. 

Can I play online scratchcards on my mobile device?

Lots of games at Gala Bingo can be played on mobile devices, and this includes online scratchcards. In fact, the simple style of play means that a mobile device is perfect to play online scratchcards. 

Do online scratchcards offer bonus features or progressive jackpots?

The beauty of online scratchcards is the simple style of play, but many feature progressive jackpots, and have the potential for big-money payouts. 

Can I try online scratchcards for free before playing for real money?

Yes! There are lots of free demo online scratchcards, so you can try the game out first before playing for real cash prizes.

How do I claim my winnings from online scratchcards?

At Gala Bingo, if you win any prizes on any of the online scratchcards, you will be automatically awarded the payout. There’s no need to “claim” the prize in the same way that you would have to do with a physical scratchcard!