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Lucky Tap Slots | Play Lucky Tap slots at Gala Bingo

Lucky Tap Slots Online Review

Lucky Tap Slots Online Review

Lucky Tap slots don't have spinning reels or symbols that need to line up to award prizes. Instead, players click to break open an object like a piggy bank or treasure chest. Or dunk a basketball or achieve some other objective to win cash prizes. 

How to Play Lucky Tap Games

As well as the chance to win with every click of the spin button, Lucky Tap games are like slots because they require very little from the player. 

Simply open the game, read the gameplay rules and paytable, select your bet amount from the range available, and press spin. There’s nothing to it.

Lucky Tap Slots - galabingo

The Best Lucky Tap Slot Games

Test Your Strength Lucky Tap

Let your finger test its strength as it taps to swing the hammer and ring the bell in this great carnival sideshow-inspired game. Every dong gets the player a cash prize.

Super Piñata Lucky Tap

Piñatas are usually full of sweets and other treats, but in Super Piñata Lucky Tap, there are instant cash prizes, free spins, and one of four jackpots. Another great Design Works Gaming release. This game sees players swing to smash open the piñata.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Lucky Tap

The only way to find out how much the piggy bank holds is to smash it open. Every crack will shake free some coins, and the player who breaks it open completely will get their hands on the rest of the stash.

Hold Your Horses Lucky Tap

This exciting game is set at the racetrack. Saddle up, click the green button, and they're off! But will your horse place or be an also-ran?

Dunk Buddy Lucky Tap

This NBA-themed game offers both Random Multipliers of up to 7x, and a Free Games feature as you try to dunk the basketball for potentially massive rewards.

Coconut Climb Lucky Tap

Kick back to some island vibes, climb palms, crack coconuts and win potential rewards!

Break the Bounty Lucky Tap

Try to get at the pirate’s treasure by tapping to break open the treasure chest. Coins fall from the cracks, and there’s a Mega Jackpot of 750 x the stake waiting inside.

Bonus Bolts High Voltage Lucky Tap

Make the sparks fly in this electrifying game, inspired by one of the 20th Century's greatest geniuses, Nikola Tesla. These coils light up with every tap to generate cash prizes or spark a random win multiplier of between x3 to x15.

Play Lucky Tap slots at Gala Bingo

Lucky Tap games aren’t yet as popular as slots. But that’s not to say they ain’t popular. They are, and that’s why we’ve got a full range of them available here at Gala Bingo, and we’re adding to it on a regular basis!

But it is crucial to keep in mind that these are RNG games, meaning games of chance, not skill. Like slots, the player's actions have no effect on the outcome of the game. This is why you should gamble responsibly and always set a loss limit for each session. Good Luck.