Live Caller Bingo Brings The Club To You!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then get ready to experience the genuine club bingo thrill without leaving the comfort of your favourite spot at home!

What is it?'s innovative new Live Caller room will see our entertaining Gala TV Presenters adding a personal touch to bring the whole live club experience online.

When is it happening?

Every day!


The Live Caller games take place in their own room which will be totally restructured with the Presenters speaking only between games in the Bingo schedule and calling number in the games as they are played.

How do I play?

Activities in the room are created to emulate club happenings and we'll even have great names that are recognisable to club customers such as The Early Sessions, The Late Session, The Main Event and so on reinforcing the live club experience.

Look out too for Live Caller weekly promotions with all kinds of special bonuses, mystery prizes, cash prizes, free tickets, Win Win Bingo and more.

So even though is as exciting an experience as online bingo can be, sometimes there's no substitute for the personal touch – check out the Live Caller room today!

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