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Casino Deposit Methods

There are lots of fun games available to play at online casinos - the big decision you have to make is which one to play first!

However, whichever one you pick, you’re going to need to deposit funds in your account, unless you’re playing a free demo game.

The law in the UK has recently changed to ban credit cards from being used for casino play - but there are still many other methods to choose from.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular casino deposit methods you can use. 

Casino Deposit Methods - galabingo


One of the biggest global payment processors, Paypal is an e-wallet that has been around since 1998. It's free to create an account and free to send money, and it can draw funds from multiple sources.

The payment details aren’t passed onto the casino, so there’s less opportunity for fraud or hacking. 

Debit Cards

Debit cards are one of the most popular ways to deposit funds in a casino account. Visa, Maestro and Mastercard are all commonly accepted. Visa versions of these cards will not be accepted. 

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the mobile payment service for Apple users that’s integrated into Apple devices such as the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Similar to Paypal, albeit using different technology, Apple Pay keeps payment card details secure, which provides extra protection against fraud. 


If you don’t have a bank account and/or don’t want your payment details entered online in any form, Paysafecard may be the solution.

A licensed payment processor, you purchase a code from one of the participating retailers, which you input online instead of your personal information. You don't need to provide any information to buy a Paysafecard; it's the nearest thing you can get to being able to pay online in cash.


A licensed payment provider which operates in a similar way to Paypal, Skrill is a digital wallet that enables the transfer of money.

Skrill can be funded via a variety of sources and has been used globally since 2001.

Source of Funds Enquiry

Although you are able to choose any option to deposit funds, providing your casino accepts it, you may be subject to further checks.

Casinos may carry out a "source of funds" enquiry which is a type of check that the money you are using comes from a legitimate source. To be able to satisfy the enquiry, you'll need to provide a bank statement, proof of earnings or some other type of recognised documentation that can verify the source of the money.

This is a legal requirement and is often triggered when payments reach a certain level. Although the limit is not made public, they will be broadly similar for all casinos.

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