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Delve into the lush jungle at Gala Bingo and play this brilliant beetle-loving game - not a creepy crawly in sight!

Beetle Bingo is a unique mix of an online scratchcard and online bingo, which gives you plenty of fun and excitement and the chance to win a fantastic jackpot! So, what's the deal with all the beetles? Well there's no need to be scared, you'll find these friendly critters in a jar just waiting to be released and when they are, you'll see that they have numbers on their backs. The main aim of this bingo game is to match the numbers on your scratchcard to the numbers of the 15 beetles that fall out of the jar.

If you're lucky enough to match all five numbers on one card with those of the beetles, you'll win! The prize for each card will show below the card's numbers and because you have three cards, there are three chances to win. You also have the option to select the ‘Scratch All' button, meaning that your numbers will be immediately revealed! The beetles will randomly fall from the jar and reveal the numbers on their backs. If the beetle's number matches one of yours, it will automatically be circled on your card. You can also choose to use the autoplay function, which will let you play up to 99 games of beetle bingo automatically at any time you like. This makes it incredibly easy and fun to play - all you need to do is collect your winnings!

Are you ready to walk through the jungle in search of the lucrative beetles? Sign up at today and see if you can hit the jackpot with Beetle Bingo.