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Cash or Crash Live

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Evolution Gaming has always been the biggest innovator on the live casino market. Whether it’s a game of blackjack, roulette, or a completely new game show, the studio always delivers. The immersive experience and crisp-clear streams separate it from the crowd, just as much as the unique choice of games.

In its rich portfolio, Cash or Crash is one of the games that stands out the most. A unique game show where you go on an authentic reality blimp ride, the game will take you soaring high over a metropolis with wins up to 50,000x your stake. Its RTP is sky-high at 99.6%, making it a favorite amongst live casino fans.

Compared to other game shows, this game requires a bit of strategy. You'll see plenty of red and green balls on the screen, with a single gold ball in the middle. Your objective is to draw any ball other than the red. Gold or green pay, red doesn't, and you can cash out your wins right away. You can also keep half of the money going forward or continue hunting for the biggest reward.

It is a truly immersive game show with Evolution's fingerprints all over it, Cash or Crash is a dangerous but fun blimp ride you won’t forget soon.

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Cash or Crash Feature Symbols

Unlike Monopoly Live or other game shows, Cash or Crash Live isn't played on a giant wheel. Instead, it looks pretty similar to the lottery. You'll see a machine with different coloured balls in the centre of the screen. It features only one bet and has a 20-step ladder paytable – the higher you climb, the bigger the rewards.

Your goal is simple – bet on the next ball to be drawn. If it's green, you have three choices:

  • TAKE ALL: collect your winnings
  • TAKE HALF: collect half of your winnings and continue playing with half of your bet amount
  • CONTINUE: keep climbing up the board for bigger rewards

The interface is pretty simple, and the hosts professional enough to walk you over the rules. Even if you're a complete beginner in live casino games, you shouldn't have trouble playing Cash or Crash Live.

Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, it’s easy to play Cash or Crash Live on any device. You can choose to play on desktop or laptop via your browser or play it on the go via Gala Bingo mobile website.

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Cash or Crash Bonuses and Jackpots

We’ve mentioned what the green and red balls do, but what about the gold one? There’s only a single gold ball among the sea of reds and greens, and it’s the key to the first-class bonus section.

You get access to the bonus round whenever the gold ball is drawn. In it, you shouldn't fear any crashes. The decisions are skipped, so you'll just be climbing up the table as more green balls are drawn.

Of course, you’ll need plenty of luck for this to happen. But, thanks to the high RTP, you can reach the upper echelons on your way to wins worth up to 50,000x your bet.

Play Cash or Crash Live at Gala Bingo

Cash or Crash is a blimp ride you’ve never seen before. Evolution’s game shows are always exciting and rewarding, and this one is among the top the studio offers. A unique game of chance that reminisces of roulette and similar games of chance, you don’t need any particular skills in this high-paying game.

What makes it so great is the high RTP – at 99.6%, we’ve rarely seen a game with such great winning opportunities. Luck plays a big part in the lottery-like drawings, so if you have it, you can climb higher and higher up the sky and win blimp-sized rewards rarely any other game offers.