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Crazy Time

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What would we do without Evolution Gaming? This iGaming studio took the concept of live dealer casino games to another level and set the tone for what you all know and love today. The live casino games maestros are back at it and delivering once again with the latest release to come from their stable – Crazy Time. All of you might have played a previous title called Dream Catcher, and in Crazy Time, you'll find various similarities, with the spinning wheel being the most apparent relation. However, with this casino game, you'll have the ability to trigger up to 4 different bonus features depending on where the wheel lands. And, with up to 20,000x your stake as a maximum win, there’s definitely no shortage of massive wins that can be claimed.

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For those new to the world of online casinos, live casino games see you live streaming into an actual casino floor with a genuine dealer serving as the casino game operator. These people are mostly hired for their exquisite looks but always act very professionally. However, what makes Evolution Gaming's efforts so impressive is the superimposed graphics serving as buttons that appear on the screen for players to place wagers, chat to the dealer, and other players. Crazy Time has all these elements, and you’ll be using them when you take to the wheel in search of wins.

How To Play

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Playing Crazy Time isn’t too complicated, so beginners shouldn’t have any issues. There’s a giant wheel that has 54 pockets, with eight different results that the wheel can return based on the pocket it lands on. The breakdown of the pockets are as follows:

  • 21 pockets – Number 1 (1x stake)
  • 13 pockets – Number 2 (2x stake)
  • 7 pockets – Number 5 (5x stake)
  • 4 pockets – Number 10 (10x stake)
  • 4 pockets – Coin Flip feature (5,000x stake)
  • 2 pockets – Cash Hunt feature (10,000x stake)
  • 2 pockets – Pachinko feature (10,000x stake)
  • 1 pocket – Crazy Time feature (20,000x stake)

The dealer will let all players know that bets are being taken. You’ll need to decide which pocket you think the wheel will land on, with the highest probability being a pocket with the number 1.

What To Look Out For

There are four bonus features that will trigger should you bet that the wheel will land on a pocket of that bonus feature. The bonuses are as follows:

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Coin Flip – This bonus sees a machine in the studio flip a coin. Before the coin is flipped, however, a differing multiplier of the win you received for winning the bet will be applied to each side of the coin. Once the coin lands, the multiplier will be applied.

Cash Hunt – This is a very simple bonus in that it’s a pick me game. Various different multiplier amounts will be covered by mystery symbols and shuffled around, with players then choosing the symbol they feel hosts the biggest multiplier.

Pachinko – This is a pachinko game that will see a puck fall down a pachinko wall. The puck either lands on a multiplier amount or a 'Double'. Landing on a double sees the multiplier amounts doubled, and the puck falls down the wall again to potentially land on a now bigger multiplier or the ‘Double’ again.

Crazy Time – This is where the most significant wins can come. You go through a red door into a virtual area where a very big wheel is waiting to spin. The wheel has a selection of different multipliers, and you’ll need to choose from a blue, green or yellow icon to see what pocket the wheel lands on. You’ll also see that your multiplier can be doubled or tripled.

Play Crazy Time at Gala Bingo

There’s no doubting how much money you can win playing Crazy Time, with not many casino games offering quite this much in prize cash. Live dealer is also fun for the interactivity it brings, so all in all, you should be looking at a delightful time.