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Monopoly Live

Monopoly is a property trading board game developed by Hasbro, the first version was brought up in 1935. It has been adapted in more than a few slots and has also landed in the live casino industry thanks to Evolution Gaming.

Monopoly Live is a unique blend of RNG and live dealer game, a thrilling game show you shouldn't miss. It is available in Gala Bingo for fun and real money, as well as having amazing winning potential and familiar gameplay. It's easy to play for beginners and streamed in glorious HD quality to any device, making it one of the top game shows in Evolution's rich catalogue.

While it is available for real money gameplay only, it’s not hard to play at all. You don’t need any particular skills to spin the wheel – this is a game of pure chance.

That hasn't stopped Evolution from adding a few modifiers to the mix that can spice up your potential wins even more.

Monopoly Live - galabingo

Monopoly Live Feature Symbols

If you have ever played Monopoly before, you know what to expect. The only difference is that this is a game show rather than a board game, so all the fields are set on a wheel. As expected out of Evolution Gaming’s titles, it’s streamed in full HD quality and plays smoothly on any device. It’s an authentic live gaming experience that stays perfectly close to the material.

A glance at the big wheel will reveal chances, numbers, and rolls, just like on the board game. Players can bet on any number, and if the wheel stops on it, they get a potential payout. The Chance segments provide a multiplier or potential cash prize, while the Rolls segments can take you to the bonus round.

You can check the potential payouts within the game itself. Of course, they are determined by the bet too. While on the subject of bets, players can place between $0.10 and a whopping $2,500 per spin, suitable for all types of Monopoly fans.

Monopoly Live Bonuses and Jackpots

One of the major things that separates Monopoly Live from the rest of the live crowd are the bonuses. While there are no jackpots to hit, the potential maximum prize is worth its weight in gold.

The first special feature is the Chance segment. The player receives a potential cash prize or random multiplier whenever the wheel stops on it. They can draw several Chances and get the multipliers mixed together for a chance to win a bigger prize.

Then there's the Monopoly Board bonus game that's activated by the Rolls segments. Depending on the Rolls the wheel has stopped on, it can be played in 2 or 4 rounds. There are three 2 Rolls and one 4 Rolls segments. The roll refers to dice rolls that will move Mr. Monopoly on the board. Players get additional rolls if they are lucky enough to roll a double number.

Like in a regular Monopoly game, Mr. Monopoly can land on different properties and tiles. Some properties will get upgrades with more houses and hotels, boosting their potential payouts. That’s the Monopoly section in this live game, and we must say that Evolution Gaming has done a great job with it.

Monopoly Live - galabingo

Play Monopoly Live at Gala Bingo

Monopoly Live is a perfect amalgam of board game and live casino. It's a rewarding title that will delight the Hasbro board game fans. Evolution's mastery is delivered in a crisp-clear stream, and thanks to the bonus features, it's a game with potential payouts that can put many similar game shows to shame.