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If you dream of the dazzling bright lights of Las Vegas and the world-famous strip, then try your hand at the next best thing – Blackjack Surrender at Gala Bingo.

Just like traditional blackjack, Blackjack Surrender uses six different decks of 52 cards, but unlike the traditional version it has a unique twist. With Blackjack Surrender, you have the choice to ‘surrender' your hand and opt out of the game if you don't think your hand is a winner – you can do this even when you've placed a bet and without losing your entire stake too! You can choose the option to surrender your hand at any point, and will only lose half of your stake.

Aside from this slight twist to the game, this blackjack variant has all of the easy playability and excitement as the traditional game of blackjack. If you are a high roller, then this might be the perfect game for you, as you can choose to surrender your hand at any point if the game isn't going in your favour! There are plenty of exciting blackjack games to choose from at Gala Bingo, so whether you prefer Single-Deck Blackjack, Black Jack Live or Blackjack Switch, there's the perfect game for you. You might also be interested to try out the Progressive Blackjack game; with an ever increasing jackpot, you could win big!

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