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If you enjoy blackjack but want to add a little twist to the popular casino game, then try your hand at Blackjack Switch at Gala Bingo.

Blackjack Switch is a form of blackjack that allows you to play two hands, rather than one, adding a completely new dimension to the classic game. Even though this game was only patented in 2009, Blackjack switch is already proving to be a big hit in the casinos of Vegas. The game works much like other forms of blackjack, except players are dealt two hands instead of one.

The dealer will hand your cards and you'll have the choice to "switch" your hands to try and give yourself the best possible chance of a winning game. So, if you are dealt 10-5 and 6-10, you may decide to "switch" your hands to create 10-10 and 5-6 – allowing you to build one strong hand of 20 and hit to improve your 5-6 hand.

The rules are the same from then on – get as close as possible to 21 without going over, or beat the dealer's total – although the dealer is not bust on 22. In this instance, the hand is pushed. Blackjack Switch is a great online game for anyone who is new to blackjack, because of the chance to switch to the best possible hand, as well as those looking to try their hand at a new style and develop a new strategy.

No matter what your choice of blackjack game, be it Blackjack Switch, Blackjack Surrender, Single-Deck Blackjack or the traditional ‘21' version of blackjack, you'll have a fun and exciting experience. To try for yourself, sign up and play Blackjack Switch today at