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The fun and excitement of the bowling alley is recreated brilliantly in the fast paced Bonus Bowling – another great online game at Gala Bingo. Hit the alley with your fellow pin heads in Bonus Bowling, the game that offers you the chance to bet on the game of ten pin bowling for some cool cash prizes. The game is simple to play, and anyone who knows bowling is sure to love the concept. All that you do is bet on how many pins will be knocked over by the bowlers. Will you be backing your player to get a strike or do you think he'll get a spare? Maybe he'll throw a gutter ball and score low? That's the game in Bonus Bowling!

With simple gameplay, this game is ideal for anyone wanting a laid back, easy to play game, as well as providing a refreshing change for those who regularly play online games. Bonus Bowling recreates the look and feel of a classic American bowling alley. You'll find the bright, bold graphics above the bowling lanes and realistic details like reflections in the polished wooden floors. The graphics really are something to behold in Bonus Bowling.  On the right hand side of the screen, your betting options and pay table are displayed clearly in a way that looks just like the scoring screens you'll find at the bowling alley! Once you've selected your bet, click ‘throw' and you will be given two throws when an animated bowling ball rockets down the lane to knock over your pins. Will you be a bowling champion?

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