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Calling all football fans! Here at Gala Bingo, we've got the most beautiful game for you – the exciting and action-packed Football Mania!

This fun game is based on a classic scratch card genre of combining sports themes with scratch card action: whether it's rugby, tennis, or – in this case – football, sports scratch cards have always been popular, and the Football Mania scratch card game is no exception. In Football Mania, you're presented with a recreation of a real-life football match experience, with a packed football stadium and roaring crowds adding to the atmosphere. Look out for icons that remind you of great football moments, including a referee's whistle, goalie gloves, football boots and – the ultimate goal – the winners' cup!

This simple-to-use game is a fun way to start your adventure in online gaming, and for those more experienced at online scratch card games, it's an exciting addition to your online gaming repertoire. A 6 square scratch card appears on the right hand side of the screen, covered over with a football pitch complete with 6 footballs. In the centre of the gaming screen is a giant football that hides the icon you've got to match: select your bet first using the hand plus and minus buttons, then scratch off the large central football. To see if you've hit the jackpot, scratch off the individual squares of the football pitch – or if you can't wait to see what you've got, click ‘scratch all' and reveal the icons all at once. If you've won, the symbols with become animated and highlight your prize winnings – which changes with each new card, making it a very exciting game!

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