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Simple to play but still incredibly fun, why not take a nostalgia trip with the traditional Heads or Tails online game at Gala Bingo?

Betting on coins is one of the oldest forms of gambling, dating back to the beginnings of the use of money in human society. We're all used to flipping a coin to determine the outcome of a decision that we can't make – even as kids we know how to do that! In the Heads or Tails online game at Gala Bingo, the traditional betting on the outcome of a coin flip is given a contemporary update with great graphics, incremental betting and different betting options that are sure to keep you entertained.

The bold and bright imagery in Heads or Tails shows a typical pub scene, as three friends are crowded round a table ready to play heads or tails in real life. The coins are over-sized, meaning that it's very easy to see which side is heads and which side is tails; the smooth animation of the flips also make this a great game to watch and take part in.

Alongside the traditional betting in this game, you can increase your chances of winning – and the excitement of the game – by opting for some of the great variants that Heads and Tails at Gala Bingo offers. You can choose to play with one or two coins, as well as selecting your bet per flip. Choose whether the coins will land heads or tails (or a combination of both) and whether you'd like to flip once, twice, or three times. With such great options for this game, you're sure to enjoy it!

Why not give Heads or Tails online game at GalaBingo.com a go today?