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If you love Keno, or if you want to play a Keno game that has been transported into the 21st Century, then Keno Xperiment is definitely the game for you on Gala Bingo.

Keno Xperiment is a fantastic keno game that takes the classic casino game of Keno and brings it into the future, with fantastic futuristic graphics and clever sound effects that make you feel like you’re at the control panel of an intergalactic space ship! The game itself follows the same rules as regular Keno - you can choose between two and ten lucky numbers and then the machine draws out 20 numbers at random. The more you match, the more you win. In fact, you could claim up to 10,000x your original stake up for grabs if you successfully match enough numbers in this bingo-based lottery game.

Whether you play the full card or just a couple of numbers is entirely up to you, but you’ll find that your chances of matching a number are better if you select the full ten. However, you’ll also need to match more to make a pay-out. As the numbers are drawn, your game card will light up and any matches will flash with a bright yellow – so a yellow card is what you want to see.  

Keno really is a great game to play but Keno Xperiment takes it a whole new level. Sign up now at to see just how the simple and popular game of Keno has been transformed with Keno Xperiment.