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If you have difficulty choosing a game from the extensive range at Gala Bingo, then Mega Ball Progressive could be your perfect game – it's not one game, but eight all in one!

Why choose only one game when this fantastic casino game combines eight games in one. Each game has its own betting system and it's up to you how many games you want to play with each of your spins. The gameplay is simple; the Mega Ball machines will draw six different balls for each and every game and you have to decide how much you want to bet to make the most of each draw. You could bet on the colour of the balls, the number of the third ball, which numbers will feature in the first three balls or the first or the last. Any combination is possible and the decision is yours!

To make things a little more exciting you'll also be betting against the clock! You have just one minute to place your bets before the Mega Ball draws the balls, so decide quickly. There is a table at the bottom of your screen which will show what you are betting on and you can choose to modify or delete them as you play. The best thing about this exciting slots game though is that it also has a progressive jackpot. This gives you the chance to win part of an ever growing jackpot, which is definitely worth winning.

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