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With life-like calls from a professional dealer filling the air, and the thrilling sights of the casino, playing Premium French Roulette at Gala Bingo is as close as you can get to being at the roulette table without leaving the house!

Test your skills in strategic planning at the game of roulette by predicting where the ball will fall on the next spin of the wheel; take control of the risks and rewards on offer at the table with real-time gambling online. It's deceptively simple, but lots of fun. Getting started is just a few clicks away. Simply log on to the Gala Bingo website, find the Premium French Roulette game, and select your table! Players have the option of a multiplayer table against random competition, or a Private group game where you can join in the action with several other players at once.

Once you've taken your place, think about how you wish to bet. There are a variety of choices for betting; from the simple choice between Red or Black, or one of many specialised bets like the ‘en Plein' option; picking out a single number on which to gamble that it'll come up on the next spin. There are also split bets, where players can pick a position that straddles two different numbers, as well as a corner bet, which is four. If you're not feeling too hot at the table but still wanna place your bet, there are options like the ‘colonne' or column bet, or the ‘douzaine' – any of the three groups divided into dozens – of 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.

The European-style roulette wheel layout means there's no double 0 option to choose from; this alters the odds of a win slightly so make sure to read up on the odds from the paytable visible onscreen.

With so many ways to win, see if your number comes up at the Premium French Roulette table – now available online at!