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Bold graphics and great animations make Stravaganza at Gala Bingo a fun and fast-paced game – why not give it a spin today?

This game is most like the popular online casino game of blackjack, as it is based on the accumulation of total point values; however, unlike blackjack, the game is played with five decks of cards and the object of the game is to get a higher point total than the dealer. In the exciting Stravaganaza online casino game at Gala Bingo, you're presented with a realistic computer-generated play table, with value chips on the left hand side and the cards distributed in the centre. In this game, you only play against the dealer, meaning that you've got plenty of chances to win – if you play your cards right.

Just like in blackjack, the picture cards in Stravaganaza are worth ten points and aces are worth only one point, but unlike blackjack you can't go over a certain limit. In this game, you can choose to play with a progressive jackpot, ensuring that any winnings you do accumulate can lead to a very large pay-out indeed. Even if you're new to online gaming, you'll find Stravaganza an exciting and easy game to play, once you've gone through a few practice rounds. All the instructions can be easily accessed and, thanks to the incremental betting, you're able to bet as much or as little as you like and therefore keep a good watch over your finances.

Whatever you favourite card game; why not try the unique and exciting Stravaganza online game at today?