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The best bits of three different gaming formats come together in this fantastic voyage from Gala Bingo!

Try your luck at Wild Viking; it combines poker, roulette and slots action to create a new and exciting game – with plenty of chances to win in every round! When you login to play, you'll see that a deck of cards is fully laid out on the table for illustrative purposes; like a roulette table you can place bets on which card is the fifth to be picked out for a five-card hand. The dealer will then pick out five cards – the last of which is what you'll have your fingers and toes crossed for!

You can also place coins on the table to bet on what sort of hand will be formed from the five cards – at the usual poker odds. Watch out for the joker being drawn fifth though – as this wipes out all roulette bets. The slots function also comes into play with Wild Viking's progressive jackpot bet; which can be activated by clicking on the chip slot icon at the top of the table and making it green. Pay-outs are awarded for hands which are three-of-a-kind or better. And just what is the eponymous "Wild Viking"? It's a bet that can be placed that both the first and 5th cards being drawn in the hand are jokers – it's a pretty steep side bet but if you're feeling lucky it does pay out at odds of 1250-1.

If you're feeling like taking on the might of not one, not two, but three different games rolled into one, look no further than the Wild Viking – available now at GalaBingo.com!