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Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard

Light up your life with a colourful rainbow, with the new online scratchcard from CR Games. The Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard makes it simple to win cash prizes online with its easy-to-learn format. Scratch off the top value symbols, and you could collect a potential max payout of x10,000. 

Scratchcards are hugely popular in real life, and this has translated to online play. Gala Bingo has a wide range of scratchcards to choose from, all of which offer the chance to play for instant cash prizes. A great alternative to slots and table games, scratchcards are popular because of their simple format. 

Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard looks quite similar to a slot, with seven columns and three rows. Set your betting level, and then scratch off the panels to reveal matching colours of the rainbow to win. It's simple, easy to learn but has the potential to pay out big cash - the more of the rainbow you manage to match, the higher the prize could be.

Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard Feature Symbols

With lilting Irish music, a lush green backdrop and a beautiful rainbow in the backdrop, it’s easy to see that this game draws heavily on popular slots such as Rainbow Riches. It’s bright, colourful and is exactly what you’d expect from this style of game. 

There’s a paytable, just like a slot, but these panels are covered by colours. There are no specific symbols, just colours of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard Bonuses and Jackpots

Although this isn't a slot, the principle of winning is very similar. Line up matching colours, and you'll start to collect the cash payouts. Different colours pay out different prizes; the more panels you scratch off with matching colours, the more cash you could potentially win. 

The value of each colour increases with its order in the rainbow. This means red is the least valuable and indigo is the most valuable. 

In addition to matching the coloured scratch card panels, you can also aim to light up the rainbow in order. If you manage to land a full sequence of rainbow coloured panels across the board, you’ll activate the Rainbow Pays bonus. This increases the possible payout for matching coloured symbols and gives you the potential to reach the top prize of x10,000.

Play Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard at Gala Bingo

The Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard from CR Games brings the very best of scratchcard play to Gala Bingo. It's designed to be deliberately simple while still offering the chance to collect potential instant cash wins. Join in today and match coloured panels, and you might find your own version of a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!

Can I play Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard at Gala Bingo?

Yes. You can play Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard and lots of other casino games online at Gala Bingo.

Who makes the Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard game?

The Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard was created by CR Games.

How do I get to the bonus round?

Scratch off the rainbow coloured panels in the correct order of the rainbow, and you'll have the chance to unlock increased cash prizes with the Rainbow Pays bonus.