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What is Slingo Bingo? Slots Meet Bingo

What is Slingo Bingo? Slots Meet Bingo

What is Slingo Bingo? Slots Meet Bingo

As the name of Slingo suggests, this game is essentially a hybrid of slots and bingo. Signature mechanics are taken from both categories, with them blending together seamlessly to offer players a totally fresh experience. Much like online slots, Slingo comes with a variety of different themes, some of which are based on already popular titles. A great example of this is Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds, which is of course, based on the traditional Da Vinci Diamonds release.

Furthermore, Slingo can be based on popular TV shows. Providers have teamed up with multiple production companies in the past and in the realm of Slingo, this has led to titles such as Slingo Deal or No Deal, Friends Slingo, and Slingo Britian's Got Talents, amongst others. 

Join us in this article as we explore Slingo in detail, discussing what it is, how it works, and what makes it so appealing to bingo and slot players alike! 

Understanding Slingo Bingo

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Slingo was originally created in 1994 by Sal Falciglia, a resident of New Jersey, USA. With that being said, it didn't make its way to other countries, such as the UK, until 2015. Gaming Realms acquired the rights to create and distribute the game to players in the United Kingdom, with the company later being known as Slingo Originals. 

Just like in Bingo, the main aim in Slingo is to match all of the numbers on the card. However, instead of being pulled out of a standard machine, these numbers will appear on a slot reel. The player's wager will often include multiple spins, with 11 in a round being the standard in most releases.

So, what are the differences between traditional Bingo and modern Slingo variations? Here are the main areas in which they differ: 

  • Additional Features - Unlike in traditional Bingo, Slingo can feature an assortment of bonus rounds or fixed-value prizes that can be awarded to the player for variousoutcomes. There are often more ways to win than matching a line or a full house, too! 
  • Faster Gameplay - Due to the fact that Slingo is predominantly a single player game, rounds are typically much faster. Numbers are automatically crossed off too, meaning that there is no extensive waiting period throughout each round. 
  • More Than Numbers - Slingo also comes with a variety of different symbols that can influence the game, as opposed to Bingo, where only numbers are used.

How to Play Slingo Bingo

Playing Slingo Bingo is a similar process to loading up an online slot. To begin, players can select a stake size and once this has been confirmed, an assortment of 25 random numbers will appear on a 5x5 grid. Typically, 11 spins will then be awarded, each consisting of 5 numbers or special symbols, which can include any of the following: 

  • Wilds - Visible as jokers, standard wild symbols allow the player to pick a number on the corresponding reel to cross off. 
  • Super Wilds - Also displayed as jokers, a super wild will let the player pick any number on the entire board to cross off.  
  • Scatters - Often shown as coins, scatter icons can award players with fixed-value prizes if they appear on the reel. 
  • Blockers - These symbols are normally displayed as a devil and do nothing except take up valuable space on the reel at the bottom of the screen.

In order to be awarded with some potential winnings, players need to cross off the combinations that are typically shown at the top of the screen. These can include lines, a combination of different lines, or all numbers on the board, also known as a full house. Once no more spins remain, any potential winnings will be totalled up and awarded, before the game resets.

Winning at Slingo Bingo

Just like in any other type of online casino game, players are always on the lookout for different ways to improve their odds of a successful round. Slingo comes with one very basic strategy, however, it has minimal influence on the game itself. This revolves around the wilds and being careful with their placement. Typically, players should be looking to cross off numbers that are part of multiple combinations, such as the middle and four corners. It's also possible to purchase one or more extra spins at the end of a Slingo game, which could be something to consider.

Interestingly, some of the tips and tricks that apply to online slots can also be used with Slingo, such as carefully reading the rules of a game before playing. It's crucial that players understand the mechanics of each title, as certain Slingo variations may come with unique features. 

Another thing to consider is being careful when selecting a Slingo game. As previously mentioned, some have different mechanics such as jackpots, free spins, and other special rounds that can appeal to players, depending on their preferences. Of course, some punters simply select the Slingo titles that have the highest RTP, which can be found on the provider's website or within the game itself.

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Exploring Slingo Bingo on Gala Bingo Platform

Here at Gala Bingo, we offer a wide selection of Slingo games, most of which come with a minimum stake size of 0.10 per play. These releases have been produced by Slingo Originals, the official software provider for games in this category. Just like with slots, an RNG determines the outcome of each round, guaranteeing fairness at all times.  

In order to play Slingo, players can simply browse through our catalogue and find a game that matches their preferences. They can then load it up, select their stake size, and click the spin button to start the game. For those that are looking to make their balance go further, checking out the promotions page could be another thing to consider, as explained below!

Bonus Features and Promotions in Slingo Bingo

Here at Gala Bingo, we offer a variety of promotions to players, which we update on a regular basis. Unlike many other online bingo sites, some of our bonuses also refresh weekly, meaning that they can be claimed more than once by players. Here's an overview of some of the promotions that are available: 

  • Every Spin's A Win - Spending 10.00 on a selection of games will award players with a spin on the wheel. As the name of this promotion suggests, every spin on this promotional wheel is a winner! 
  • Bingo and Free Spins - A minimum spend of 10.00 can award players with 50.00 in Bingo tickets, alongside 40 free spins on a variety of games. This offer applies to new players exclusively. 
  • Daily Dabber - Players that spend 1.00 or more on Bingo with Gala will be awarded with 5 extra tickets, available in a wide variety of rooms.

For transparency, most of these bonuses do come with wagering requirements. Players can make use of Slingo games with high RTP rates for maximum gains, should these games be included in the bonus offer. We also offer an assortment of Bingo tournaments, available every Sunday to those who have spent 10.00 or more in the previous week!

Slingo Bingo Demo and Real Games

For those that want to play Slingo Bingo for free, demo versions are perhaps the perfect solution. This is great for allowing players to learn the rules, or develop their own strategy when it comes to using wilds and super wilds. Another mechanic that can be trialled is the potential for spins to be bought at the end of the main round. 

When transitioning to real money Slingo games on Gala Bingo, players should carefully evaluate their stake size before the round begins. They should also be cautious when purchasing additional spins, as they can be highly volatile. Slingo Originals also implement a responsible gambling mechanic across most of the titles in their portfolio, which will give a warning when a significant increase in stake size is required to buy more spins. 

The patterns used in Slingo Bingo demo games will be the same as when playing with real money. All payout combinations can usually be seen at the top of the screen, with lines, the four corners, and a full house being the most desirable, in that order. Some games also have unique patterns that can award players with bonus modes or additional potential winnings!


It's evident that Slingo Bingo is an interesting and exciting game that features a range of unique mechanics. The reel aspect is taken from online slots, while the main objectives and aims remain the same as in bingo. While the experience still feels totally fresh, the rules don't seem overwhelming, as most people will be familiar with the mechanics already. 

For those that want to try playing Slingo Bingo, testing out a variety of demo versions could be the best course of action. Slingo Originals have created a wide range of titles across plenty of themes, all of which are also featured here at Gala Bingo. 

After learning the rules, players can also consider using one of the many bonuses on our site to make their funds go further. Be sure to check the Gala Bingo promotions page regularly, as we are consistently adding new offers that can be used on Slingo games!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slingo Bingo?

Slingo Bingo is a combination of slots and bingo. Instead of being drawn from a machine, the numbers will be displayed on a single reel, usually situated at the bottom of the screen. 

How do you play Slingo Bingo?

After choosing a stake size, players can start the round with all numbers on their board being automatically crossed off if they appear. Player interaction may be required sometimes, however, including selecting which numbers to cross off with wilds and super wilds.  

What are the rules of Slingo Bingo?

The rules of Slingo Bingo are almost identical to traditional Bingo. Players need to cross off different patterns on their board, in order to be awarded with the corresponding potential winnings. 

Is Slingo Bingo a game of luck or skill?

Slingo Bingo is mainly a game of luck, however, skill can be involved minimally. As discussed throughout this article, the skill element is based on the placement of wild symbols.

Can you win real money playing Slingo Bingo?

Yes, players can win real money playing Slingo Bingo, as long as they're playing the 'Real' version of the game and not a demo.

Are there different variations of Slingo Bingo?

Yes, just like slots, Slingo comes with a variety of mechanics and themes. From titles based on television shows to classic releases, there's something for everyone.

What makes Slingo Bingo unique?

The unique aspect of Slingo is that the numbers appear on a reel and are not picked from a ball machine. An array of different special symbols also make Slingo Bingo stand out from the crowd. 

Where can I play Slingo Bingo online?

Slingo can be found online at Gala Bingo. We offer a range of bonuses and promotions that players can use across Slingo titles, too.

Can I play Slingo Bingo on my mobile device?

Yes, games released by Slingo Originals have been optimised for play on mobile devices, including mobiles and tablets.

Are there any strategies or tips for winning at Slingo Bingo?

There are two parts of the game that can be influenced by strategy. This includes the placement of wilds and super wilds, alongside the possibility of purchasing extra balls at the end of the round. Other betting strategies such as Martingale or flat betting have also been used by players.