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Friends Slingo

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Who didn’t wait until 7pm for Friends to come on? Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey really did feel like our friends, and such was the sadness when they all decided to go their separate ways. However, a reunion is now here, and it comes in the form of Friends Slingo, another release in the Slingo games series that bring online bingo and slots together for a thrilling experience. What will Friends Slingo bring to the party that we might not have seen before? Time to go in and find out.

When opening up Friends Slingo, you'll immediately get a feel of the sitcom that will go down in history as one of the most viewed in history. The background of the screen is the Brooklyn Bridge, although the studio that created Friends Slingo, Slingo Originals, obviously had to stop short of plastering the characters’ faces all over the place, most likely due to licencing agreement constraints. 

Regardless, in typical Slingo style, you'll see a 5x5 grid filled with numbers, and below this grid a 5x1 row that has five spaces that spin and then stop to reveal five numbers. As with bingo, the objective is to match numbers in the 5x5 grid with the numbers that reveal themselves in the 5x1 spinning grid.

You’ll have an opportunity to potentially win up to 10,000x your stake in Friends Slingo, which could be the highest we’ve seen in all the Slingo titles that have dropped at our bingo site.

Slingo Friends Slot - galabingo

Friends Slingo Feature Symbols

Once you've chosen your stake level, a round of Friends Slingo can begin. A round will see ten spins of the mini reel, and after each spin, five numbers, or a mix of numbers and symbols, will be revealed. The hope is that numbers shown will match those in the 5x5 grid. 

During the ten spins, you will want to chalk off as many numbers in the 5x5 grid as possible. Every time enough numbers are chalked off to form a complete horizontal or vertical line, you'll achieve a "Slingo". The more lines completed, the more Slingos gained. The ladder on the left of the screen indicates how many Slingos you've achieved in a round. 

There are more than just numbers that can reveal in the 5x1 grid. An armadillo symbol can appear, and when it does a number on the grid above will get chalked off at random, and a respin will take place. There’s also a Free Spin symbol that can appear, and this will see an extra spin added to the original ten awarded. There's also a monkey symbol, but this is a blocker and will stop any match from occurring.

Slingo Friends Featured Symbols - galabingo

Friends Slingo Bonuses and Jackpots

After the ten spins are up, the game will offer more spins at a calculated price. If you're close to completing the grid, it could make sense to keep going.

Slingo Friends Bonus 2 - galabingo

Play Friends Slingo Slot at Gala Bingo

Friends Slingo isn’t the most complicated Slingo game we've ever played, but that will suit everyone just fine. Slingo Originals’ Slingo Starburst was enough to confuse even mathematicians, so Friends Slingo feels far more reasonable and grounded. Plus, the possible returns are far more generous compared to its Slingo counterparts.

Can I play Friends Slingo at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can play Friends Slingo and many other great titles at Gala Bingo.

Who makes Friends Slingo?

Friends Slingo is made by Slingo Originals, one of the leading casino game providers online.

How do I get into the bonus round?

Friends Slingo does not have a bonus round that can be triggered.