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Slingo Britains Got Talent

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If you were a fan of the TV show Britain's Got Talent, then Slingo Britain's Got Talent is going to look immediately familiar. This fast-paced Slingo game by Slingo Originals is themed around the hit reality show, with the typical colours and logo dominating.

The game itself is played on a 5x5 bingo grid covered in numbers drawn randomly from a list of 1 -75. Below the grid, a 5x1 set of slot reels spins, landing on numbers from the same range or the occasional feature symbol, which I'll tell you all about in a minute. Players mark off numbers on the bingo card when matching ones land on the reel below. 

A Slingo is when all five numbers in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line across the grid have been marked off. For their initial bet, players get 11 spins to make as many Slingos as possible and climb the prize ladder. 

Once the initial spins are finished, players can collect any winnings, or continue the game by buying more spins. Each extra spin has to be paid for, and the price increases as there are fewer and fewer numbers left to mark off. At this stage of the game, players should be careful not to get carried away. Always check that the total amount staked is not more than any possible win, or isn't going to go over their budget for the session.

Slingo Britain’s Got Talent Feature Symbols

Joker. This symbol acts as the wild in the game by allowing players to mark off any number in the column above the reel where it appears.

Super Joker. This is a super wild symbol in Slingo Britain's Got Talent, and allows the player to choose any of the remaining numbers on the grid to mark off

Coins. Whenever this symbol lands, which isn't that often in my experience, players receive an instant cash prize.

Free Spin. Players are awarded one extra spin each time this symbol appears on the grid. Up to four free spins can be won in a game.

The Devil. Only appears to take up space on the reels and make it harder for players to complete Slingos.

Slingo Britain's Got Talent Bonuses and Jackpots

As well as receiving instant prizes from Coin symbols, there’s also a Joker bonus which is paid out if three or more  Jokers or Super Jokers, or a combination of both, land on the reels at the same time.

The top potential win prize for Slingo Britain’s Got Talent is 1000 x the initial stake for a Full House. The rest of the payouts on the price ladder look like this:

  • 10 Slingos = 250x
  • 9 Slingos = 125x
  • 8 Slingos = 50x
  • 7 Slingos = 35x
  • 6 Slingos = 20x
  • 5 Slingos = 10x
  • 4 Slingos = 5x
  • 3 Slingos = 2.5x
  • 2 Slingos = 1x
  • 1 Slingo = 0.5x

Play Slingo Britain’s Got Talent at Gala Bingo

To be honest, I expected this game to have a few extra features related to the show, but it doesn’t. It’s still a great Slingo game with big potential wins though, and it’s available to play right here at Gala Bingo.

Can I play Slingo Britain’s Got Talent at Gala Bingo?

Yes. Slingo Britain’s Got Talent is available at Gala Bingo

Who makes the Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot?

Slingo Britain’s Got Talent is produced by Slingo Originals.

What is the top prize in Slingo Britain’s Got Talent?

The possible top prize is 500 x the initial stake.