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Slingo Ante Up

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Slingo Ante Up Online Slot Review

Slingo Ante Up by Slingo Originals is an exciting Las Vegas-themed game that brings its own twist to the gameplay.

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It’s played on the standard 5x5 bingo grid with a single five-reel slot spinning below. Match numbers from the reels to those on the grid and complete Slingos to win possible payouts, all with the help of potential Wilds, Superwilds, and even some free Spins.

The Vegas feel of this game is created by setting the grid against a red background, decorated with neon stars and a stylised logo in various fonts. The atmosphere is complete by the smooth jazzy soundtrack. 

The betting range is between a minimum of 0.20 and a maximum of 25.00. But what makes this game different is that you get to choose how many spins you play at the start of the game. 

With standard Slingo games, your initial stake will give you a set number of spins, with the option to purchase more when they are used up. In Slingo Ante Up, Slingo Orignals have you choose how many spins you want to play, from 9 to 16, before the game starts. Of course, this will affect how much you actually bet, hence the name Ante Up. If you go for the 0.20 minimum, your bet will range from 0.11 for nine spins to 3.03 for 16 spins. For the 25 maximum, the total bet for nine spins will be 14; and for 16 spins, it will be 378.75.

Feature Symbols

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Once the game starts, the reels will spin. At the end of the spin, if a number on the grid matches the one on the reel below it, it will be marked off and turn into a star. Turn all five numbers in a row, either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, for a Slingo. The more Slingos you complete, the higher the final payout is. You can keep track of your progress on the pay ladder to the left of the screen.

Apart from numbers, you will see four other symbols landing on the reels. Three of these will help you work your way up the pay ladder, and one will hinder your progress.

A blue "J" for Joker is a Wild, and when it lands, you can pick any number in the column above to mark off. A green "J" is a Super Wild, which allows you to mark off any number on the grid. The +1 awards you one extra spin. And the black X is only there to block you from completing Slingos.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Slingo Ante Up Bonus - galabingo

Although this is not a regular slot game, you can still benefit from some free spins. Every time the +1 symbol lands, one extra spin will be added to your total, which you can see in the counter on the right of the grid.

Play Slingo Ante Up at Gala Bingo

The gameplay in Slingo Ante Up is that of a classic Slingo game, with no surprises for fans of the genre. What makes it different is the control you have over the number of spins you play. This means you know exactly how much each game will cost you before you start playing, making it easier to keep control of your budget. Try this and other Slingo games at Gala Bingo. Good luck!

Can I play the Slingo Ante Up slot at Gala Bingo?

Yes, the Slingo Ante Up slot is available to play at Gala Bingo

Who makes the Slingo Ante Up online slot?

Slingo Ante Up is made by Slingo Originals.

What is the maximum win on Slingo Ante Up?

The maximum prize you can win is 500 x your stake for a full house.