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Slingo Shark Week

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Mix Bingo, slots, and sharks together, and what do you get? Slingo Shark Week by Slingo originals. What do you get if you mix a traditional slot machine game with Bingo? Why Slingo, of course. This is a thrilling Slingo game where you mark off lines vertically horizontally, and diagonally across the grid for the chance to swim with sharks in five action-packed bonus rounds. 

As you'd expect for a shark-themed game, it's set underwater. The 5x5 grid floats against a background of murky blue waters where sharks glide menacingly and silently by. Reassuringly, the grid itself looks like a shark cage. Once a number is marked off, it's replaced by a shark fin, and creating a Slingo causes a shark's open jaws to jump out of the screen.

Slingo Shark Week - galabingo

For the initial bet, players get ten spins to try and make Slingos with. Once these are finished, players can continue the game by buying. Each round consists of 10 spins, but you can also pay for extra spins once the initial spins are over.

Features and Symbols

The grid is a typical Slingo grid with 25 positions, all occupied by numbers. Below that is the usual 5x1 set of reels, which land mostly numbers, but also some extra symbols to help or hinder the player.

Slingo Shark Week Symbols - galabingo

A Hammerhead Shark marked Wild lets players mark off any number they want on the column above, and if it says Super Wild, they can mark off any number on the entire grid. The Free Spin - adds +1 spin to the player's total, and the Blocker does nothing but occupy space.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Payouts for creating Slingos only start on the 5th, which awards 5 x the bet. Once players have completed 6 Slingos, they can choose to play a bonus round and end the game or keep playing. Here’s what to expect in the bonuses:

  • Shark Slot (6 slingos) - gives 7 spins on a 3x3 slot with 32 paylines and a Wild. Wins for matching symbols on a payline are between 0.2x and 5x the stake.
  • Break the cage (7 slingos) - Break open the shark cage by clicking on it while watching the terrified diver flap about for wins of 6x and 49x the stake.
  • Fish Grab (8 slingos) - players collect fish for prizes of between 20x and 41x the stake.
  • What did the shark eat? (9 slingos) - players try to pick items that the shark ate for a total prize of 60x to 120x the stake.
  • Shark Wheel (10 slingos) - Spin to win between 80x and 360x the stake, or a chance at one of the other games with boosted multipliers.Shark Award (full house) - sharks swim around and randomly swallow money bags for a total prize of between 150x to 790x the stake.

Play Slingo Shark Week at Gala Bingo

I enjoyed playing Slingo Shark Week, with the menacing soundtrack and the underwater visuals really adding to the atmosphere. You'll even see real shark footage from the Discovery show in some of the features. Just remember, sharks can bite, and the extra spins can get very expensive, so set a loss limit when playing this or any other game.

Can I play Slingo Shark Week at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can. This game is available to play now at Gala Bingo.

Who makes the Slingo Shark Week slot?

The game is made by Slingo Originals.

How do I get to the bonus round?

You can access a bonus round after you’ve completed 6 Slingos.