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Slingo Big Wheel

Slingo Originals came up with a great concept in Slingo, combining slot games and online bingo into one fast-paced game. But that wasn’t enough for them obviously, as they are constantly finding ways to add even more elements and excitement to their releases. And we’re all very happy for their efforts, aren’t we?

Slingo Big Wheel takes the original elements of a classic Slingo game and adds a touch of the gameshow to stir things up a bit in their latest offering. Slingo Big Wheel gives players the chance to boost their possible winnings with incredible multipliers, but at the risk of losing them all! 

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Slingo Big Wheel Feature Symbols

The game is played on a standard Slingo grid of 5x5 filled with numbers that you have to mark off by landing matching ones on the row of five reels below the grid. Mark off five numbers in a line vertically, diagonally, or horizontally across the grid, and you've completed a Slingo.

While it's primarily numbers that will land on the reels, there are also a few extra symbols that can help you score some wins. Or not!

The first is the Joker, who will stand in for any number in the column above his position. The Super Joker will let you mark off any number on the grid. And the Free Spin symbol will add one more spin to your total. But beware, there is also a blocker symbol whose only purpose is to fill a position on the reels to lower your chances of completing a Slingo.

Slingo Big Wheel Feature Symbols - galabingo

Slingo Big Wheel Bonuses and Jackpots

The Big Wheel bonus is what the game's all about, and once it's unlocked, you have the chance at some pretty big potential wins! To do this, all you have to do is mark off three Slingos. This will give you the chance to spin the Big Wheel. You can choose not to, of course, and continue playing Slingo Big Wheel as a regular game of Slingo

The Wheel is marked off in sections that are mostly filled with multipliers. If you land on one of these, it will apply to all your wins until your next Big Wheel spin. As you advance up the ladder, the multipliers on the wheel get bigger. Reach a Full House (all numbers on the grid marked off), and you could win the game's potential top prize of 2,500 x your initial bet.

The Wheel also has a Boost section which will automatically send you to the next level of the Wheel if you land on it. And to keep things interesting, there is also a Lose section which will end your game immediately if it hits.

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Play Slingo Big Wheel at Gala Bingo

Slingo games are always fun, and the addition of a gameshow-type wheel of fortune in Slingo Big Wheel gives it an added thrill. And the great thing is, you can choose to play this bonus round or not. You could win some huge multipliers, or end your game and forfeit your winnings, so before making the choice, think carefully.