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Slingo Centurion

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With the popularity of Slingo games booming, new releases are coming thick and fast. And the games themselves are getting bigger and better every time. Slingo Centurion is a new release by Slingo Originals in cooperation with Inspired Gaming. This combines the Ancient Rome theme of Inspired Gaming's popular Centurion slot with a Slingo format, and adds in a heap of extra features for good measure! 

The base game starts out on a standard Slingo grid of 5x5 with a row of five reels below it. There are 11 Slingos lines crossing the grid vertically, horizontally, and diagonally to complete. But the fun doesn’t stop there. After you’ve completed your first four Slingos, the bonus rounds, which include a real slot and a board game among other surprises, kick in.

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Slingo Centurion Feature Symbols

The aim of the game is to match the bingo numbers that appear on the reels to the ones on the card, which is then marked off. To help you do this, there are some extra symbols that can appear. 

The first is a Joke that acts as a Wild, allowing you to mark off any number in the column above its position on the reels. Then there is the Super Joker Wild that allows you to select any number on the entire grid to mark off.

There’s also a blocker in the form of a Devil whose only function is to take up a position on the reels to make it harder for you to make a Slingo.

Slingo Centurion Bonuses and Jackpots

Slingo Centurion bonuses start when you've completed your fifth Slingo. Then the Reelus Maximus slot game, where the first three reels are covered by one giant symbol, opens, and you get the chance to spin your way to some possible payouts.

Prizes on Parade is activated on the sixth Slingo. Pick shields to win the cash amount hidden behind them. Your winnings are awarded at the end of the round.

The Caesar's Free Spins feature after the seventh Slingo awards a random number of free spins on the Slingo game with a multiplier applied to any wins.

The Road to Rome is a board game where you roll dice to proceed along the road and pick up prizes. 

Nine Slingos and you’ll be back at the  Caesars Free Spins feature but with more spins and bigger multipliers thanks to the red bonus.

10 Slingos puts you back on the Road to Rome bonus, but with even bigger prizes littering the way, waiting to be picked up.

Get a Full House, and you will trigger the Wild Power Spins. Once again, the slot game opens to give you three free spins. But in this round, the win potential is boosted by having the centre three reels filled with wilds!

Play Slingo Centurion at Gala Bingo

Slingo Centurion really crams in the special features taking the Slingo experience to a whole new level. Take this fun game for a spin and let the friendly Centurion trumpet you through the bonus rounds here at Gala Bingo. Good Luck!

Can I play the Slingo Centurion slot at Gala Bingo

Yes, the Slingo Centurion slot is just one of many great games available to play at Gala Bingo.

Who makes the Slingo Centurion online slot?

Slingo Centurion is made by Slingo Originals.

How do I get to the bonus round?

Complete five lines on the grid, and the bonus rounds kick in.