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Slingo Lightning

Lightning flashes over the mountaintops and reflects back from a raging sea while large black crows flap erratically across the screen. This is Slingo Lightning, a supercharged game by Slingo Originals that takes the fast-paced Slingo game format and makes it even faster!

Gameplay will hold no surprises for anyone who has played a Slingo game before. Marking off numbers on the grid by landing matching ones on the reels below. The difference is in the amount of numbers that can appear. Slingo Lightning uses only 50 instead of the standard 75, making the whole experience that much more electrifying.  

Slingo Lightning is played on the standard Slingo format of a 5x5 grid with a row of 5 reels below it. To start playing, simply set your bet level using the  + or - buttons below the reels. Once you’ve done this, you will receive eight initial spins to make as many Slingos as possible. You’ll also have the opportunity to win some extra free spins to help you fill in the grid and get a Full House! 

After your initial eight spins, if you are not satisfied with your winnings, you can buy an unlimited number of extra spins. Just keep in mind that the price of these will steadily increase along with your potential winnings. Remember to keep an eye on your balance and make sure you haven’t wagered more than you can afford.

Slingo Lightning En Slot - galabingo

Slingo Lightning Feature Symbols

As the reels spin and the storm rages in the background, you’ll see some extra symbols appearing on the reels alongside the bingo ball numbers. These are;

Lightning Bolt - a Wild symbol that lets you mark off any number in the column above.

Super Lightning Bolt - lets you mark off any number on the entire grid.

Coin - this will add one Free Spin to your total.

Blocker - an X symbol that occupies a position on the reels and makes it harder for you to complete a Slingo

Slingo Lightning Feature Symbols - galabingo

Slingo Lightning Bonuses and Jackpots

Unlike some Slingo games, such as Slingo Big Wheel, there are no extra rounds in Slingo Lightning, and the only bonus is the Free Spin coin. What makes the game stand out from the crowd, and earns it its name is that there are only 50 possible numbers that can appear on the grid and reels, instead of the usual 75. This makes the game lightning fast and lets players rack up the Slingos, which payout as follows: 

3 Slingos = 1 x your stake

4 Slingos = 2 x your stake

5 Slingos = 3 x your stake

6 Slingos = 4 x your stake7 Slingos = 5 x your stake

8 Slingos = 6 x your stake

9 Slingos = 25 x your stake

10 Slingos = 50 x your stake

Full House = 200 x your stake.

Slingo Lightning Bonus - galabingo

Play Slingo Lightning at Gala Bingo

Slingo Lightning is an electrifying game where players can rack up the Slingos at lightning speed. It’s a great addition to the Slingo stable so why not take it for a spin today at Gala Bingo