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Slingo Lucky Streak

Take a step into the luscious fields of Ireland, which is the setting for Slingo Lucky Streak. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you strike it lucky, then you could be walking away with some of that precious gold! This game has become increasingly popular since it was released, with various features that set it apart from traditional Slingo alternatives. 

This takes a popular mechanic from other slot games, known as the respin feature, and applies it to Slingo games. When you start playing Slingo Lucky Streak, you will have two lives. Every time you match a new number, your lives are reset. However, if you lose both of your lives, then the round will end.

Having an unknown number of spins per round can add to the level of excitement experienced while playing Lucky Streak. This unpredictability is particularly fun during your last spin, when you’re in need of a hit to stay in the game!  

Slingo Originals are a gaming provider that is responsible for some of the most prominent titles in Slingo, such as Monopoly Slingo and Slingo Starburst. You can get started with as little as 0.20 per round, all the way up to 25.00. To play, simply adjust your bet size using the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen, before clicking the 'Start Game' button.

Slingo Lucky Streak Featured Symbols

As we touched on earlier, this isn’t a standard version of Slingo. Lucky Streak is packed with different featured symbols that can help you to cross off even more numbers. One of these symbols is a red Leprechaun, that acts as a wild and allows you to cross off any number on the row above where he landed. 

There is also a green Leprechaun, which means you can tick off any number on the entire board. However, not all the featured symbols in the game are good news. There is a Celtic cross, acting as a blocker on certain lines. Of course, this is a symbol that you don’t want to see very often!

Slingo Lucky Streak Bonuses And Jackpots

While there is no bonus mode within Slingo Lucky Streak, there are a handful of different ways you can win. 1 to 10 lines will pay increasing amounts of cash, with the highest reward possible coming from a full house. If you manage to cross off every number on your board, you will receive a juicy 200x your bet size! 

There is also the option to buy additional spins at the end of each game. A price for each spin will be determined based on your current progress.

Play Slingo Lucky Streak At Gala Bingo

Do you have the luck of the Irish on your side? Perhaps the best way to find out is by giving Slingo Lucky Streak a try. Keep an eye out for some of the special symbols, which can help you to land a potentially significant win!

Can you play Slingo Lucky Streak at Gala Bingo?

Yes, Slingo Lucky Streak and a variety of other popular games are available to play at Gala Bingo.

Which company made the Slingo Lucky Streak game?

Slingo Lucky Streak was produced by Slingo Originals.

How do you get the bonus in Slingo Lucky Streak?

Unfortunately, there is no bonus within Slingo Lucky Streak, but there are still many possible ways to win!