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Slingo Reel King

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  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 12
  • Reels: 5

Not sure whether to play slots or bingo online? Enter Slingo, the fun game which brings you the best of both. Slingo Reel King was created by Slingo Originals, adding to the catalogue of Slingo games with a simple yet addictive title. Easy to understand, Slingo Reel King provides the chance to win prizes up to 500.00.

Fans of Slingo Originals will be very familiar with how Slingo works, and this game offers more of the same. You won't need to spin the reels as each full game plays out automatically, making it a superb pick for the days when you're looking for something relaxing. Match the numbers that land on each turn to what you've got visible on the board - just like in bingo - to collect the highest possible prize.

Slingo Reel King is played on the standard 5x5 grid, which includes 12 fixed paylines. Similarly to other Slingo titles, the paylines cover the vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, so it's easy to spot at a glance when you're getting close to a win. The betting range is best suited to low rollers, starting with a min bet of 0.20 and increasing to a modest max bet of 25.00. Volatility is low, so you'll be able to scoop up plenty of small prizes as you play, but there's a potential top payout of 500.00 for a full house. 

Feature Symbols

Slingo Reel King Feature Symbols - galabingo

Some Slingo games have quirky and fun themes, but Slingo Reel King is one that sticks to the basics. The screen offers the reels and prize ladders with nothing else to distract from the play. If you don't like your Slingo games to be too complicated or visually fussy, this is the ideal layout for you.

For those who haven't played Slingo before, the game is an amalgamation of bingo and slots. Each game consists of 11 turns, during which you'll need to complete as many lines as you can. This is known as a Slingo. With each "spin", five new symbols will appear at the bottom; these are compared to your game board and any matches ticked off. The spins will continue automatically until all 11 turns have been taken.

As you achieve Slingos, you'll climb up the prize ladder to the left of the reels; the more Slingos you complete, the larger your prize will be.

When the game is finished, you'll have the choice of either taking the Slingo prize you won, but this may be lower than the stake you've paid. You can also opt to pay for an extra turn; the amount this costs will vary, but you'll be able to see your new maximum payout on screen. This can help you to balance up the risk-reward and work out when it's better to cut and run. You don't have to buy extra turns even if you haven't completed any Slingos in the game.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Matching numbers to the game board is the primary aim of Slingo Reel King, and you'll get some help along the way.

The wild will allow you to check off any symbol of your choice in the column that corresponds to where the symbol landed. A super wild will allow you to check off any symbol on the whole of the grid. Use wilds and super wilds strategically to complete Slingos or to check off numbers that give you the greatest chance of making more matches (HINT: the centre square can be a good one to pick!)

Beware the diamond symbol; this takes up precious spaces on your line of numbers, reducing the number of matches you can make per turn.

You may also be lucky and land a free spin symbol; no prizes for guessing what this one does - you’ll get an extra spin when your initial 11 turns are finished.

In addition to the usual Slingos, there's also the special Reel King prizes. You'll win this bonus by notching up five yellow numbers on a single turn. Sometimes the number of yellow numbers will be randomly held for the next turn, increasing the chances of hitting a sequence of five. When this happens, a series of Reel King symbols appear and continue spinning until they lose. This could award one of a series of prizes with up to x25 available to win. 

Play Slingo Reel King

Slingo Reel King is an excellent game of Slingo that is easy to play but endlessly engaging. The Reel King bonus is very difficult to land, but plenty of wins are available in the main game. It's primarily suited to newbies, players on a low budget, and those looking for a fun yet uncomplicated title. 

Can I play Slingo Reel King at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can play Slingo Reel King and many other great titles at Gala Bingo.

Who makes Slingo Reel King?

Slingo Reel King is made by Slingo Originals.