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Slingo Showdown

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Who doesn’t enjoy an excellent Slingo experience? We know we do, and why wouldn't we? A casino game that combines the very best thrills of online bingo with the spinning effect that delivers online slot results! A brand new experience has now dropped at our establishment, and it's called Slingo Showdown. It’s not the first Slingo to be released, and it won't be the last, but you can get a possible reward of up to 1,500x your stake, while achieving ‘Slingos' will see the cash prizes start rolling in. There are also symbols that mean a possible instant cash prize!

You’ll open Slingo Showdown to see a 5x5 grid filled with random numbers. Below this grid is a 5x1 grid which spins like slots reels. We’ll get to how playing Slingo Showdown goes, but first, let's talk over the mechanics. The wagering works the same as most online casino games, in that you choose how much you would like to stake. In this game, the options are anything between 0.20 and 100.00 per round. The theoretical return to player is 95.9% of whatever you wager during your experience, which is an estimate but depends on you playing a sensible strategy.

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Slingo Showdown Featured Symbols

After selecting your stake, you'll be given ten spins of the 5x1 reel. Every spin will reveal numbers which you’ll hope match numbers on the 5x5 grid. Chalking off a line of numbers, such as a horizontal row or a vertical column, gives you a Slingo. You’ll see to the left of the reels how many Slingos you've achieved in a round. Getting four or more Slingos means cash returns.

Slingo Showdown Bonuses And Jackpots

The biggest prize in the game will come from actually chalking off every number on the 5x5 grid, which, if our maths is correct, means chalking off 25 numbers.

It’s not only numbers that can appear in the 5x1 spinning reel. You can also land symbols bringing added value, being the following:

  • Joker – this is a wild which will chalk off a number in the above reel
  • Super Joker – another wild that chalks off any number on the whole grid
  • Free Spin – a symbol that adds another spin to the initial 10
  • Coin – Awards a cash prize
  • Devil – Blocking icon that prevents numbers being chalked off

Should you manage to land three jokers or super jokers on the spinning reel, it results in an instant cash prize.

Play Slingo Showdown at Gala Bingo

It’s difficult to say if Slingo Showdown is a good release from Slingo Originals, in that it’s not very different from the other Slingo casino games we’ve reviewed. There’s also no bonus feature, except for the instant reactions from landing special symbols in the spinning grid. Regardless of whether you prefer this one over previous Slingo releases, there's still the possibility of landing up to 150,000 in a round, so which the odds will always be stacked against this happening; it's not a bad target to be aiming for.

Can I play Slingo Showdown at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can play Slingo Showdown and many other great titles at Gala Bingo.

Who makes Slingo Showdown?

Slingo Showdown is made by Slingo Originals, one of the leading casino game providers online.

How do I get into the bonus round?

Slingo Showdown does not have a bonus feature.