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Slingo X-Factor

Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? Not the top of the entertainment industry, the top of the Slingo prize ladder! Summon every inch of your talent and show off your skills in Slingo X-Factor from Slingo Originals. A fun game of bingo and slots combined, you don't need to be pitch-perfect to collect the progressive jackpot, which is up for grabs.

Thankfully you're not going to be subjected to the critical eye of Simon Cowell in this version of X-Factor, so there's no need to hold back. A clever combo of slots and bingo, you'll need your brain cells in complete working order as you plan the best places to mark off the numbers. This is just one of the Slingo games released by Slingo Originals, with X-Factor themed rewards to add an extra twist of fun.

It's the standard layout for a Slingo game with a large 5x5 game board and 12 fixed paylines. The min bet kicks in at 2.00, so low rollers who prefer to play with a more modest budget might want to pick one of the other Slingo titles, which start from 0.20 per spin. The max bet isn't exceptionally high, though, topping out at 100.00. Volatility is low, so a constant flow of prizes will keep players interested while they go for the top prize of 20,000. Of course, there are the progressive jackpots, too, giving the potential to win an even higher payout. 

Feature Symbols

If you've ever dreamt of standing on the stage under the spotlight, this is your big moment. The Slingo X-Factory slot is set under the famous blue lights, and it's your chance to shine. The best part of all is that it doesn't matter if your singing skills are worse than an angry cat, as all you'll need is a strategy and a sprinkling of good luck.

The concept of Slingo is pretty straightforward: you play with a bingo-style card, but the "balls" aren't pulled out of a drum. Instead, a reel on the bottom will give you five new symbols on every "spin". With a total of 11 turns per game, your goal is to mark off complete rows; these are known as Slingos.

Unlike some of the other Slingo titles, you’ll get a prize for matching even one line. The more you match, the more you can win.

Once your spins are finished, you'll be offered the chance to buy up to four more turns - but they come at a price. The amount each extra spin costs depends on how close you are to winning, so you'll need to balance up the potential payout against the price to see if it's a smart move. 

Slingo X-Factor Bonuses and Jackpots

Slingo X Factor Bonus - galabingo

You can't influence what numbers land on the reels, but this game is about more than sheer good luck. Some extras on the board will involve your strategic know-how to use them to maximum advantage.

The joker grants you the ability to mark off any number in the same column. A super joker can be used to check off any number on the whole board. Both these symbols come up regularly in the games, and using them to check off numbers that can complete more than one row can potentially deliver lucrative returns.

There are also free spins that are added on at the end of your basic game. You only need a single free spin symbol to receive the freebie.

However, the name of the game is X-Factor, and so there's more than just the basic Slingo fun. Look out for the X-Factor special symbols; they are tricky to land, but if you collect seven in a single game, you'll reach the Live Finals. This gives you the chance to compete for three progressive jackpots: bronze, silver and gold. With no judges to give you a hard time, all that's standing between you and the top prize are the much-needed X-Factor symbols…

Play Slingo X-Factor

It's another winner from Slingo Originals with lots to play for, including progressive jackpots. With prizes starting from a single line and with extras to give you the chance to win more, Slingo X-Factor will be sure to soar to the top of the charts.

Can I play Slingo X-Factor at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can play Slingo X-Factor and many other great titles at Gala Bingo.

Who makes Slingo X-Factor?

Slingo X-Factor is made by Slingo Originals.