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Immersive Roulette Live

Immersive Roulette Live Casino Game Review

Immersive Roulette Live Casino Game Review

There are so many online casino games available to play these days that players might find themselves spending more time choosing which game they'd like to play than actually playing. Not too different from scrolling through your streaming service looking for something to watch. And, speaking of streaming, Immersive Roulette brings you all the action of a roulette table from a real casino floor via a live stream to your mobile or desktop device. The best part? You're actually playing and placing wagers! How's this even possible, you may ask? Stick with us as we review Immersive Roulette.

Immersive Roulette Live Game - galabingo

Immersive Roulette was created by online casino games developer Evolution Gaming, and it really was revolutionary at the time of its release. This is because it fell into the new category of live dealer casino games. It truly has to be experienced to be believed, as live dealer roulette, plus every other live dealer game, sees you live streaming into a real casino floor, where the casino games are operated by real dealers who speak into the camera while taking bets and manning the tables. You can type messages to the dealer, asking questions as you go. You can also live chat with the other players playing the game. The beauty and ease of playing is furthered by placing bets using the digital buttons on the screen, and not actually having to tell the dealer what bet you'd like to place.

The camera quality is also really surprising in that it's 200 frames-per-second, and in full HD. Obviously, the fast download speeds globally play straight into the hands of live dealer. When the game is in play, you'll see that the stream switches to a different camera above the Immersive Roulette wheel, zooming in from a bird's eye view so that all players can see every detail of the ball's movement.

How To Play Immersive Roulette Live

Immersive Roulette - galabingo

Immersive Roulette doesn’t have any features that are different when it comes to the wheel and possible bet selection options. You can play in European, French and American versions, all very standard and nothing added to the play that could be considered innovation - apart from how you’ll be playing the game.

You'll need to select a bet option, which is determined by what pocket the ball will fall into. For those unaware, Roulette sees a wheel spun by the dealer, and then a little ball is dropped into the spinning wheel. The ball will eventually drop into 1 of 37 pockets, with the pockets numbered 0 - 36, with the 0 pocket being green and 1 - 36 evenly split into red or black. Even bets can be placed on the ball falling on odd or even numbers, or red or black pockets. The odds become more favourable with less likely results, with the highest being a return for a win on a specific number.

What To Look Out For

The attraction here is the way you can play Roulette. There aren't any bonus features or new features never before seen in online Roulette.

Play Immersive Roulette Live at Gala Bingo

It might not be a game of online bingo, but you'll be happy you decided to give Immersive Roulette a go should you choose to play a few rounds. Experiencing live dealer games is quite something, especially due to how clever Evolution Gaming has been in the execution of delivery. Plus, if you love Roulette, then what a bonus! Try it now at Gala Bingo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Immersive Roulette Live at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can play Immersive Roulette Live and many other great titles at Gala Bingo.

Who makes Immersive Roulette Live?

Immersive Roulette Live is made by Evolution Gaming, one of the leading casino game providers online.

How do I get into the bonus round?

Immersive Roulette Live does not have a bonus feature