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Dead or Alive Saloon

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Dead or Alive Saloon Live Casino Game Review

We're taking a trip back to the Wild West with Evolution's latest release, Dead or Alive: Saloon. This Live card game is unique, fast-paced, and simple to play. And there are relatively huge potential prizes that can be won.

Dead Or Alive Saloon Slot - galabingo

Dead or Alive Saloon was created by Evolution Gaming, a provider that is well-known for its extensive range of interactive, online casino games, like Mega BallDream Catcher, and Deal or No Deal Live .

Place a bet on a particular card, or just its suit or value, and collect multipliers while you wait to see if the dealer will turn it up! The suspense builds along with the potential prize value. And you might even get to test your sharpshooting skills and win an even bigger payout in the Bounty Hunt round!

Dead or Alive Saloon puts the player at the heart of the action, and the Wild West, with a great themed studio recreating the saloon atmosphere. And friendly Live hosts and hostesses keep the action going while dressed for the part!

How to Play Dead or Alive Saloon

Dead Or Alive Saloon How - galabingo

At the start of every game, there's a time window during which players can choose their cards and make their bets. The idea of the game is to which regular playing card will be drawn first. There are several options to bet on – a specific card, a suit or a card rank. And players can make more than one bet per round. The initial potential win is 20 x the bet, but this can increase considerably as the game proceeds.  

The deck used in gameplay is made up of 52 regular playing cards, plus 52 Bonus cards as follows: three Double cards, six Bounty cards, twenty 20 x multiplier cards, nineteen 30 x multiplier cards, three 50 x multiplier cards and one 100 x multiplier card. Once all bets are in, the host starts dealing the cards face up, one by one. If a Bonus multiplier card is drawn, the multiplier value gets added to the initial potential win amount, and the round proceeds. If a Double card is drawn, it doubles the existing potential win amount. I’ll tell you all about the Bounty card below. 

The round comes to an end when a regular playing card is drawn. And the player(s) who predicted it correctly get a payout of the total of the initial bet multiplier and any others they accumulated in the round.   

What to Look Out For

If a Bounty card is drawn during a round, the player gets a round of the immersive Bounty Hunt. Here, there are three targets, each hiding a multiplier value. The player selects one and shoots. The multiplier they win will be applied to any potential payouts at the end of the round.

Play Dead or Alive Saloon at Gala Bingo

This is a fast-paced Live Casino game and you can play it right here at Gala Bingo! Get a real taste of the Old West, thanks to Evolution’s painstaking attention to detail. Just remember it was a volatile place, and this game is no different. That’s why we recommend all our players set a loss limit before every session, and we also have Player Controls in our Responsible Gambling section that can help you manage your bankroll and stay within budget. Good Luck pardner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Dead or Alive Saloon at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can play Dead or Alive Saloon right here at Gala Bingo!

Who makes Dead or Alive Saloon?

Dead or Alive Saloon is made by Evolution Gaming.

How do I get Into the bonus round?

The Bounty Hunt is triggered by a Bounty card.