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Football Card Showdown

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  • Software: Playtech
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Football Card Showdown Live Live Casino Game Review

Football Card Showdown Live by Playtech is a soccer inspired game that sees players betting on the Home or Away team.

There are, of course, no actual footballs involved because all the action takes place in one of Playtech’s dedicated Live Game studios. And since these are full of expensive technical equipment, you really don’t need a whole load of balls bouncing around. But I’m getting a little off topic here, aren’t I?

Instead of balls, the game is played with cards, and the “team” that draws the highest, wins. As simple as that. Of course, the action is spiced up a bit by a few elements to ensure randomness, and some great sidebets. In fact, you can only play the sidebets if you so desire.

How To Play Football Card Showdown Live

At the start of each round, there’s a fifteen second time window for players to place bets. These can be on the Home position, the Away position, the Draw position, or one or more of the sidebets, four for each team. 

 When the betting window closes, the dealer draws one card face up to show its value. They then remove the same number of cards as the value from the deck. The cards are all worth their face value, starting with Aces as lows. 

Once the cards have been discarded, the dealer draws one card face up, and places it in the Home position, then another card for the Away position. Whichever card has the higher value is the winner, and players who chose it get a payout of 1 x their bet. If it's a draw, players receive 50% of their money back unless they bet on that position. In this case, a draw will win them 10x the bet. 

What to Look Out For

This is a simple High card wins type of game, but the sidebets add a bit of extra spice. There are eight of these, four for each team, with betting positions clearly marked on the table. These are as follows:

Big - the card drawn for that team will have a face value of eight or higher.

Small - the card drawn for that team will have a face value of six or lower.

Odd - the card drawn for that team will have an odd number face value. 

Even - the card drawn for that team will have an even face value.

Players can choose to bet on one or a combination of these, and for both teams. All the payouts for successful sidebets are 1:1. 

Play Football Card Showdown Live at Gala Bingo

This is a quick game that's easy to master. The football theme will appeal to a lot of players. But keep in mind that this, unlike the beautiful game itself, is a game of chance, not skill. So, always set a loss limit before playing. Try this and some of Playtech's other live games like Buffalo Blitz Live and Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live at Gala Bingo. Good Luck. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Football Card Showdown Live at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can play Football Card Showdown Live right here at Gala Bingo!

Who makes Football Card Showdown Live?

Football Card Showdown Live is made by Playtech.

How many sidebets are there?

There are eight sidebets in total.